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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Time and Leave Reporting

Minnesota State Mankato utilizes "eTimesheet" to record employees time worked, requests for leave, and leave time taken.(This excludes faculty: see the "Faculty & Leave" section below)

eTimesheet training is held bi-weekly and you will be notified shortly after being hired how and when to sign-up for training.

Until you have attended eTime training, please complete a paper timesheet and return to Human Resources by noon on Mondays of the Pay Period End week. (

Faculty & Leave

Faculty are required to report any leave time taken, just as all other employees. However, faculty should complete the Request for Temporary Absence Form availible on the HR website, obtain signatures and submit to Human Reosurces.

eTimesheet procedures vary for different types of employment. The following section is an explanation of the various procedures per employment type.

Non-exempt Employees

Non-exempt employees are eligible for overtime or comp time in accordance with their collective bargaining agreement or personnel plan. When logged into eTime,these employees will see a timesheet reflective of their scheduled hours. They can edit their timesheet and request leave, overtime and on-call time.

Exempt Employees (Excludes Faculty)

Most exempt employees are, by law, not eligible for overtime. Exempt employees who work a full 80 hour pay period will not see a regular timesheet in eTime but will see options on the screen to submit requests for leave, overtime and on-call time.

Exempt employees are still required to log into eTimesheet bi-weekly and click submit to "fulfill your employment obligation for the pay period".

Please note: Exempt employees who are intermittent, work part-time and/or earn shift differential will need to submit an electronic timesheet.

Fraud on your time sheet may subject you to discipline up to and including termination, and/or criminal prosecution.

What you really need to know...

  • All employees, with the exception of Faculty, are required to submit time sheets.
  • Find out if you are an "Exempt" or a "Non-exempt" Employee and follow the applicable instructions listed below:
    • Non-Exempt: Record actual time worked, as well as leave time taken in the appropriate rows and columns on the time sheet.
    • Exempt: Record only leave taken or hours not worked, such as sick leave, annual leave, personal holiday, leave without pay, family medical leave, etc.
  • Do NOT submit or approve time sheets in advance. (Circumstances often change (e.g. sick leave) leading to different hours being worked.)


Fraud on your time sheet may subject you to discipline up to and including termination, and/or criminal prosecution.