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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Weapons & Firearms Policy

Minnesota State Mankato, is committed to providing a safe environment for individuals on campus property. Therefore, possession of any weapon on facilities or land owned, leased or under the control of MSU is prohibited except as allowed by Minnesota Law, Board Policy or University Policy. This prohibition extends to any University sponsored event.


  • Suspected violations of MCPPA, System, or University policy must be reported to Security.
  • Suspected violations by an employee reported to security will be forwarded to Human Resources.
  • Employees or students who violate this policy are subject to discipline, up to and including expulsion or termination.
  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities may refer suspected violations of law to appropriate law enforcement authorities, and provide access to investigative or other data as permitted by law.


What does this really mean?

  • Visitors with a valid permit to carry may bring handguns on University grounds.
  • Employees and Students acting within the scope and course of their employment are prohibited from carrying firearms on University grounds or in any University Building.
  • The Children's House prohibits possession of all weapons.
  • Businesses leasing University property can post "no firearms" signs only in their space.
  • Possession of firearms in University Parking lots is permitted in accordance with all Minnesota laws.
  • Requests to bring any weapons on campus for academic purposes should be submitted to the Security Office and must be approved in writing by the President's Office.
  • Minnesota State Mankato does not provide storage for any firearms.