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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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And just in case, here is what it means...

  • Who is "everyone"? EVERYONE MEANS EVERY ONE! All students, faculty, administrators, staff, visitors, volunteers, and all other persons.
  • What is "violence"? JUST WHAT YOU WERE TAUGHT IN SCHOOL. Direct or indirect physical or verbal assault, threat, or intimidating behavior. Examples: Throwing / pushing objects, punching walls, slamming doors, slapping, or any unwanted contact.
  • What is "harassment"? IT IS OFTEN CALLED BULLYING! Direct or indirect behavior that interferes with another's work. Examples: Abusive or offensive behavior, mean emails, constant unwarranted criticism, intimidation, inconsistent enforcement of rules, unreasonable job demands, malicious statements, withholding resources and information to prevent others from doing their job.

What you really need to know...

  • Everyone must be decent to others at work, on state property, or anywhere they conduct Minnesota State Mankato business.
  • Everyone is prohibited from subjecting others to any violence, threats or harassment.
  • Violence or harassment will not be tolerated.
  • If you break these rules you may be: removed from the premises, disciplined up to and including being fired, possibly arrested and prosecuted. (All within the parameters of the applicable bargaining agreement, of course.)

Here is what you should do...

  • Respect the principles of freedom of speech/expression and academic freedom.
  • Refrain from violence and harassment.
  • Seek assistance to resolve personal issues that may lead to workplace violence and/or harassment.
  • Report unresolved incidents in accordance with the Employee Complaint Procedure.