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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Recruitment and Appointment of Adjunct Faculty

There are two ways adjuncts are hired:

  • Pools
  • Specific jobs

The following procedure is to be used in the recruitment and appointment of adjunct faculty through pools or for specific positions:

  1. A vacancy notice should be completed by the department to establish a pool of applicants capable of meeting the needs of the department for faculty on an adjunct basis.  It should be sent to the Human Resources Office for posting on the MSU website (a print-ready copy will be provided upon request).  This can be done annually and not just for specific jobs to help you establish a list of available applicants.

  2. If looking for a pool, the vacancy notice and advertisements should clearly state that a pool of applicants is being established to be drawn upon to provide temporary staffing when needed, to provide special expertise when needed, and/or to meet special programmatic needs not otherwise provided for within the department. If advertising for a specific position, the usual procedures for Notices of Vacancy should be followed.

  3. The hiring unit should develop a recruitment plan that proactively reaches out to areas within a reasonable driving distance of Mankato that has pools of people with the qualifications needed in the program unit. The Twin City metropolitan area should be considered within a reasonable driving distance for most needs, particularly evening classes.

  4. Every effort should be made to develop a diverse pool of potential adjunct faculty.

  5. In addition, the vacancy notice should be sent to the following:

    • Institutional Diversity Office, MH 265
    • Women's Center, SU 218
    • Equal Opportunity & Title IX Office, AH 112
    • Dean of the College
    • Minnesota WorkForce Center, 12 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 1600, Mankato, MN 56001
  6. After it has been determined who has been selected to fill an adjunct position, follow the procedures listed on the Human Resources web page at: /hr/hiringprocess/unclass_new_adjunct.html on how to properly appoint an adjunct faculty member. The Dean's office will initiate the hiring process according to the Adjunct Appointments Processing Guidelines.

  7. The hiring department should document and keep the following material for a period of four years:

    • A copy of the vacancy notice.
    • A record of recruitment activities.
    • A list of applicants in the pool with an indication of those who were appointed and the special needs they met.