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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Advertisements / Website Announcements

  1. The search for new faculty and staff is an exercise in public relations as well as an effort to fill a vacant position.  As in the case with Job Postings, poorly worded, misleading, or imprecisely written advertisements/ announcements are factors that may reflect adversely on a potential applicant's perception of the university and the department/unit seeking to fill a position. 

  2. Advertisements/announcements cannot be placed prior to approval by Human Resources and the appropriate Vice President or Dean. 

  3. Advertisements/announcements for the position are similar to the Job Posting in content.  The description of the position, qualifications criteria and other information regarding the position may not deviate from what is on the Job Posting.  Additional information may be provided about the program unit, the University, the community, geographic location, etc.  

  4. Advertisements/announcements can be extremely expensive.  An advertisement/ announcement may be considerably shortened with a cursory description of the position (sometimes titles are sufficiently descriptive) and an abbreviated list of qualifications criteria (sometimes mentioning only major requirements, e.g., degree).  Though the advertisement/announcement is shortened, what content there is may not deviate from the content on the Job Posting.   Then, MSU’s web site address is given and readers referred there for a complete job description.  For example, “Please see for complete job posting.”   

  5. Advertisements/announcements should be placed where they are likely to be seen by a wide variety of potential applicants, including persons of color, women, and persons with disabilities.   

  6. Probationary positions must be advertised for a minimum of 30 calendar days on-line or listed in one print version of The Chronicle of Higher Education.  The University will continue to utilize The Chronicle as our primary national journal to meet the Department of Labor (DOL) and Immigration requirements.   Any international faculty hired for a probationary position will need to present evidence to the DOL and Immigration that the University used a national-professional journal when filling our probationary position(s).  The advertisement must include the job title, duties, and minimum qualifications. Failure to comply with this provision will mean that an international employee will not be able to seek permanent residency through the employer sponsored process.

  7. Advertisements/announcements should be run sufficiently far enough in advance of the application deadline to allow applicants to put together their application materials and apply online.  

  8. All advertisements/announcements must end with "Minnesota State University, Mankato is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity University and a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System” or, if space is limited, "AA/EOE and a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System."  DO NOT abbreviate Minnesota State Colleges & Universities!   

  9. To submit advertising requests for the Mankato Free Press, Star Tribune, The Chronicle of Higher Education or The Chronicle of Philanthropy, go to: Departments wishing to place ads in specific publications, other than those listed, are responsible for the placement and cost of those ads. Such ads, however, must be reviewed and approved by Human Resources prior to publication.