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Expense Reimbursement for Finalists

  1. At the time the search committee invites a candidate to visit the campus, the "Vendor Number Request Form" should be filled out on line at: Doing this as soon as the possible after the invitation is extended and accepted enables Business Services Staff to establish a vendor number right away. Then when the candidate submits a request for reimbursement of expenses, the reimbursement claim can be processed quickly because the vendor number will already be established. For questions or support contact Business Services directly.

  2. Minnesota Statute 16.A41 Subd 1 prohibits Minnesota State University, Mankato from making payments directly to third parties such as airlines or hotels on behalf of job applicants. Therefore, the University may not pay a travel agency, airline, hotel, restaurant, or state employee directly for expenses incurred by or on behalf of the candidate. Search committee members should not pay expenses on behalf of the candidate; reimbursement cannot be made to a state employee for expenses incurred by others.

  3. To be reimbursed for job applicant expenses, the candidate must complete a CA0-21 “Non-State Employee Reimbursement Form.” (For current CAO-21 form and instructions, see Business Services web site - ) Original receipts are required to support the claim and should be attached to the CAO 21 Form “Non-State Employee Reimbursement Form.” This includes hotel, airfare, rental car, taxi, telephone, etc. The original airline ticket and boarding pass is required. Reimbursements are limited to actual costs incurred. The meal reimbursement cannot exceed the maximum total daily allowance of the Commissioner’s Plan. (Please contact the Travel Clerk in Business Services at extension 5006 for the current maximum meal allowance amounts or check the Business Services web site .) Reimbursement for alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

  4. The candidate must return the completed CAO-21 along with all receipts to the search committee chair. The chair approves the form and forwards it to the Purchasing Unit of Business Services (WA236). The appropriate object code for job applicant expenses is 2450.

  5. The University will reimburse candidate expenses regardless of whether the candidate is offered or accepts the position.

  6.  Search committee members are responsible for their own expenses and can be reimbursed by completing a SEMA4 employee expense report. Regular travel/employee expense reimbursement policies apply. Committee members must have prior approval to incur an expense from the chair of the search committee. The committee chair will provide the appropriate cost center account number for charging the expense.

  7. Questions regarding reimbursement of candidate expenses may be referred to the Purchasing Staff of Business Services at extension 5017 or 5015.

  8. Check with Academic Affairs regarding guidelines on reimbursement of food expenses for committee members, especially involving a fixed term search.