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Screening Summary Report

The Screening Summary Report is a document you will use throughout your search. The goal of the document is to establish, at each step of the search, the legitimate non-discriminatory reasons for the hiring choices that are made. In addition, the Screening Summary Report helps us monitor our affirmative action efforts and to insure fair and thorough searches for all participants.


The EEOC and OFCCP (Office of Federal Contact Compliance Programs) require that we have documentation indicating the legitimate non-discriminatory reasons for the hiring choices, as well as maintaining applicant flow statistics. This report helps us fulfill these requirements.


The most important element for the justification section is that the justification must be “related to the position.” For this, you should refer to your Job Posting which outlines the minimum qualifications and other considerations for the position. Anything in the justification column needs to relate back to the Job Posting or other issues reasonably related to the hiring process.


Filling out the form is easy. Examples include:

  1. If you determine someone is not qualified you simply indicate that in box 2 with an “x”.  In the Justification column (8) you would write “does not have required degree; does not have required years of experience” or whatever is accurate regarding this particular candidate. The Justification column must contain information related to the position. It is easiest if you use information right from the Job Posting to justify your determination.

  2. If your job posting requires “demonstrated experience in teaching . . . .” and the person has not taught before, you should write in column 8 “does not have the demonstrated experience in teaching . . . . “. This might be done through a review of the application materials (in which case they are not qualified) or after an interview (in which case you can indicate they are not forwarded as a finalist).

  3. If you invite two candidates for an interview and one does an outstanding job answering the interview questions and the other does not, indicate for the one who does not that they are not forwarded as a finalist and the justification might be “did not have adequate and thorough responses to questions in the interview related to the position qualifications.” This statement should be supported by the interview screening forms your committee will have collected.

  4. It is NEVER appropriate to list in the justification that the person is a minority, a woman, has a disability, or any other information about any protected status. Such information is not “legitimate and non-discriminatory” and is not related to how the candidate meets the qualifications of the position. Again, the information in the justification column must be job related.

  5. If you have a candidate who meets all the qualifications, but you receive a negative reference, you can write in the justification column something like “reference check revealed negative information.” You do not need to say more. However, your reference check screening form should contain the details of the information received.