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Selection Decision Report

  1. The Selection Decision Report is a form that documents specific job-related reasons for hiring or not hiring those who applied. The reasons must be specific and directly related to the requirements of the position description and/or qualifications criteria. Reasons may be copied from the justification section (column 8) of the Screening Summary Report form. Examples of reasons are:

    Acceptable response:
    Applicant doesn't have a Master's degree in library science
    Doesn't have at least 5 years management experience
    Research and scholarly activities too limited
    Did not have the required one year of experience
    Advertised position was at entry level, this candidate was unavailable for a job except at a senior level
    Did not possess appropriate degree
    Area of specialization or interest overlaps significantly with those of current department members and does not fit with the needs of the department

    Applicant has a Master's degree in library science and 7 years management experience

    Unacceptable response:
    Applicant is not qualified
    Doesn't meet minimum qualifications
    Candidate selected was better qualified than this applicant
    Applicant is more qualified than others
    Meets all qualifications
    Better fit [not job related]