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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Unclassified Search Process Checklist

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  1. Fill out the necessary position origination documents according to the Hiring Process Guidelines.
  1. Establish the Search Committee and submit the names of the committee members to HR
  1. Review the Job Posting guidelines and submit Job Posting Requests online using the applicable link below.
    1. HR will forward the job posting to the search chair, Dean/VP and the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX, for final approval before posting the position online.
    2. HR posts all unclassified positions on the following websites: MSU Career Opportunities, Minnesota State Employment Opportunities,,, and Upper Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC). In addition, all IFO Probationary positions will also be placed online with The Chronicle of Higher Education.
  1. After the position has been posted online by HR, Review recruitment guidelines and submit advertising requests.
  1. Create and e-mail draft applicant screening materials to HR for review and approval. After reviewing, HR will send final recommendations and forms to the Dean and Search Chair. The applications will not be released to the search committee (in step 7) until HR has approved the screening forms. Below are required forms and templates.
    1. Initial Applicant Screening Form
    2. Phone Reference Check Questions
    3. Phone/Pre-Screen Interview Questions (optional)
    4. On-campus interview questions
    5. Teaching/presentation evaluation (optional)
  1. For IFO probationary positions, the search chair must notify HR of any internal fixed term candidates eligible for prior consideration. To do this review the prior consideration guidelines and then complete the Prior Consideration / Transfer Form.
    1. If internal fixed term is recommended for hire, proceed to step 9.
    2. If internal fixed term is recommended to continue in process to be considered along with other applicants, proceed to step 7.
    3. If internal fixed term is not qualified for position, notify applicant. Note: This can be done before placing print ads, but the position must be posted on the Minnesota State Mankato web page, Minnesota State web page, and before reviewing internal candidates.
  1. HR will review all on-line applications received and:
    1. Notify applicants that their application is either complete, incomplete, or if they do not meet the minimum qualifications (applicant responded 'no' to any of the minimum supplemental questions).
    2. Send a spreadsheet of the applicant pool to the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX for review and approval of the applicant pool.
    3. Once the pool is approved by OAA, HR will electronically forward all completed applications to the search committee.
  1. Search committee screens qualified applications using consistent, equal opportunity, and job related criteria for all candidates.
    1. Evaluate the applicants using the initial applicant screening form created in step 5.1.
    2. (Optional) Conduct phone interviews on the (approx. 4-7) most qualified applicants, using the form created in step 5.3.
    3. Conduct reference checks on the (approx. 3-7) most qualified applicants, using the form created in step 5.2.
  1. Determine potential finalists.
    1. Submit the Finalist Approval Form and required attachments to the Dean/VP. Required attachments include:
    2. After the Dean/VP has signed the Finalist Approval Form, they will deliver the Finalist Approval Form and attachments to HR.

Note: If interview is a result of a Prior Consideration/Transfer candidate, please note in the comment section of the Finalist Approval Form.

  1. HR will review the finalist approval packet and then give the final approval to proceed with on-campus interviews.

    HR will e-mail finalists and request that they complete a Work Experience Summary (IFO) or (MSUAASF) and that an official transcript of their highest completed and/or required degree, be sent to HR. If an applicant is not able to provide an official transcript from their international institution, we will accept credential evaluations prepared by any National Association of Credentials Evaluation Services member.

  1. Arrange and conduct interviews with finalists using the questions from the On-Campus Interview Form created in step 5. (Review Expense Reimbursement for Finalists and comply with travel regulations. Reminder: Meal expenses limited to per diem rates.)
    1. Ask candidates to bring to their interview a completed:
      1. Work Experience Summary (IFO) or (MSUAASF) to be used in determining appropriate salary, if selected as the final candidate
      2. Authorization to Verify Employment History, for HR to verify employment history
    2. Remind candidates that an official transcript must be sent to HR (see 10b)
    3. See additional information on conducting interviews.  Be sure to redact confidential information from applications materials of finalists. See Confidentiality and Access to Applicant Materials for details.
    4. Provide candidates with appropriate benefit summary.
    5. Record results of the interviews on the Screening Summary Report form.
    6. Submit travel reimbursement form at completion of interview.

Note: If interview candidates are deemed not qualified during the interview process, or an offer is declined by an approved final candidate, any future candidates that you wish to interview from column 4 of the Screening Summary Report will first need to be approved. Please contact your Staffing Specialist further information.

  1. Complete and submit the Offeree Approval Form and required attachments, as noted on the offeree approval form. Remember, the Dean/VP makes the final selection.
    1. After the Dean/VP has reviewed and approved the Offeree Approval Form/packet, they will deliver the Offeree Approval Form to HR for review. HR will contact the search chair when the Offeree Approval Form is approved.
    2. The VP's office and HR will review the creditable work experience packet.
    3. Please attach the signed Authorization to Verify Employment History of the intended offeree to the Offeree Approval Form, HR will conduct employment verifications of the past three (3) employers of the offeree candidate.
    4. If applicable, please attach the Prior Consideration/Transfer Form.
    5. Upon completion of the Verifications of Employment, transcript review and Work Experience calculations, HR will be in contact with the Dean/VP regarding a salary offer.

Note: If a candidate is not recommended for hire, complete and submit the Notice of Failed Search Form. After all signatures are obtained, HR will notify the search chair, Dean and all applicants of the failed search. Proceed to step 15.

  1. Dean/VP extends a verbal offer and submits a hiring transmittal packet to HR, who will create and mail a formal written offer letter, terms of appointment, and new hire paperwork. Upon receipt of a signed offer, HR will notify the Dean/VP and the Search Chair.
  1. HR will work with the Dean/VP and Search Chair to notify remaining finalists of non-selection. HR will then e-mail all other applicants that the search has been completed and they are no longer being considered.
  1. Search Chair must compile and submit all search materials to HR (i.e. screening forms, employment verification forms, screening summary report, and all other search/applicant materials). Refer to Documenting a Search.