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Salary Range Assignments

The process used to assign new MSUAASF positions to a salary range and to review and, where appropriate, change the salary range assignment of existing positions when substantive changes in duties and responsibilities occur is described below:

Submission Procedure

  1. Complete and sign the Position Description and Position Analysis Questionnaire (Form).
  2. Attach a complete organization chart. (Organizational charts must show individual positions, not functions.)
  3. Complete and sign the PRF - Unclassified (Form).
  4. Submit all documents to Human Resources.

After Submission...

  • Human Resources reviews the documentation for completeness. Complete audit packages require the signature of the appropriate Vice President.
  • Once the audit package is complete, Human Resources will convene a meeting of the Campus Evaluation Committee (CEC) .
  • The employee/supervisor will be provided an opportunity to make a presentation to the CEC before the committee reviews and evaluates the position. 
  • The CEC will use the Position Allocation Matrix and supporting documents to formulate a committee recommendation on the appropriate salary range assignment.
  • The CEC will complete the evaluation form to document fully the rationale for the recommendation.
  • Where the CEC recommends the initial salary range assignment for a new position, or a revised salary range assignment for an existing position, Human Resources forwards the completed evaluation form, position description, position analysis questionnaire, organization chart and job audit cover sheet to the assigned MnSCU Staffing Representative.
  • Where the CEC decision is that the position should remain in the current salary range, Human Resources will notify the employee/supervisor of the CEC decision and forward a copy of the evaluation form to the assigned MnSCU Staffing Representative for informational purposes only.
  • MnSCU Staffing Representative in Office of the Chancellor Review the documentation and the CEC recommendation and determine consistency and appropriate range assignment.  If the CEC recommendation is not accepted, they will provide rationale for the determination.  MnSCU notifies the campus Human Resources Office of the range assignment.
  • Human Resources will notify the employee, supervisor and CEC members of the determination made by the MnSCU Staffing Representative.

Appeal Process

Using the following procedure, an appeal may be filed with the System Evaluation Committee (SEC) within 30 calendar days of the date Human Resources provides written notification of the original determination to the employee and supervisor.

  1. Write appeal, providing the rationale for the appeal and any additional information not contained in the original request for review.
  2. Submit written appeal to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Personnel or their designee, with a copy to the campus Human Resources Office.
  3. If no written appeal is timely filed, then the salary range determination of the MnSCU staffing representative will be final.
  4. Upon approval in advance by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Personnel or their designee this deadline may be extended.
  5. All appeal information must be received by the MnSCU Staffing Representative 3 weeks before the next scheduled SEC meeting.
  6. Written correspondence as provided in this provision may be by e-mail.

System Evaluation Committee's Role

  • The Associate Vice Chancellor for Personnel or designee will convene regularly scheduled meetings of the SEC as needed.
  • The SEC will provide the employee/supervisor with an opportunity to make a presentation to the committee before the committee reviews the appeal documentation.
  • The SEC will evaluate the position using the Position Allocation Matrix and supporting documents.
  • The SEC is not limited in its deliberation to the content of the appeal, but may consider all relevant information available to determine the appropriate range assignment of the position.
  • The SEC's decision is final and not subject to the grievance procedure in the collective bargaining agreement.
  • The Associate Vice Chancellor for Personnel or designee will notify the campus Human Resources Office of the SEC's decision.
  • Human Resources will notify the employee and supervisor of the SEC's decision.