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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Vacation Accrual Credit

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At the discretion of the Appointing Authority, vacation accrual credit for prior, directly-related service, may be granted to new and current employees, if allowable under the employee’s collective bargaining contract ( Not all contracts allow for the granting of such credit, and the language within each contract varies and must be referenced for what specifically is allowable.

Current and new employees interested in submitting a request for vacation accrual credit for prior, directly-related service should review their collective bargaining contract prior to submitting a request to ensure what they are requesting is in accordance with the applicable collective bargaining contract language.

Request Procedure

  1. Employee must submit the following documentation to his/her direct supervisor:
  • Memo detailing the request and referencing the contract and article they are making the request under. The memo must include the following:
    • Specific, directly-related position(s) employee is requesting credit for
    • Total number of years credit is being requested for
  • Detailed resume including employment dates, percentage of time worked in each positon (i.e. part-time/50%, full-time/100%, etc.), and description of duties performed in each position
  • Written documentation from former employer(s) to verify directly-related position(s) held and specific dates of employment employee was in vacation-eligible position(s)
  1. Employee’s direct supervisor will review the above submitted memo and documentation, and if the request is supported, sign the memo and forward on to the respective Dean or Vice President of the College or Division.
  2. Dean or Vice President will review the memo and supporting documentation, and if the request is supported, sign the memo and forward onto Human Resources.
  3. Human Resources will review all submitted documentation, and if the request is approved, proceed with processing.

Please contact the Generalist for your Division/College (