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The Humanities Program is the study of creative achievements in the visual, performing, and literary arts across cultures that testify to what makes us human. This study is cross-disciplinary, linking the creative achievements to the historical, political, and social contexts in which they occur. Humanities courses prepare students to use language effectively, critically examine sources, find patterns of relationships, and understand how these patterns relate to their cultural and historical frameworks.

The Humanities Program at Minnesota State University

The Humanities Program at Minnesota State University is an interdisciplinary degree-granting program that examines the texts and expressions of human cultures in different times and places. Humanities students engage in the critical and comparative study of philosophy, religion, literature, and the visual and performing arts within the Western tradition and in the context of other cultures and societies.  Students may declare a major or minor in Humanities.  Many students choose to take one or more of our courses individually as part of their General Education program or as an elective in another major.


Degrees and Other Courses of Study 

 Humanities major for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree requires 38 semester credits, including a core of interdisciplinary humanities courses and electives in other related courses. Students are required to take a second major or two minors that will complement their interdisciplinary studies and to integrate their learning in a Senior Capstone Project. This course of study offers the benefits of flexibility to suit the needs and interests of the student and of focus on particular areas of interest and concern.

Humanities minor is also available, consisting of 20 semester credits.