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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Change of Address:

Please update your address in E-ServicesYou may report your change of address by updating your "local" and "permanent" address in E-Services. This automactically updates your immigration record. This is an immigration requirement! 


Change in Course Load:

International students are required to enroll in a mininum of 12 credit hours per semester for undergraduates and 6 credit hourse per semester for graduates.  Only 3 credit hours of online coursework each semester can count toward the full0time enrollment requirement. 

There are certain exceptions that allow an international student to fall below the full-time enrollment requirement: medical, academic difficulties, and final semester.  If you think you are eligible for a reduced course load, please work with your academic advisor to review and complete the Reduced Course Load Form (broken link)

An international student can only use a reduced course load a limited number of times. Please speak with an advisor in the Kearney International Center if you are interested in a reduced course load. 


Change of Major:

Students are eligible to change their major by speaking with the academic department that houses the major they are interested in. Once your new major is reflected on your E-Services account, please complete the Request for Travel Signature or Updated I-20 Form (broken link) and submit it to the Kearney International Center. Please allow 5 days to process an updated I-20 with your new major listed. It is important for students to have the most accurate information on their I-20, especially if the student is traveling outside the US.

  • Sponsored students should work with their program sponsors before changing their majors to ensure the new major will be financially supported by the sponsor. 


Program Extension: 

You must request a program extension before the end date on your I-20. The International Center cannot extend your I-20 once the program end date has passed. 

Complete the top portion of the Program Extension Request Form (broken link) and have your Academic Advisor complete the bottom portion of the form. 

Obtain financial documentation to show funding for the period of your extension if your source of funding has changed. 

Obtain medical documentation if delays in program completion are caused by medical conditions.

Drop the completed request form off in the Kearney International Center, CSU 250. If your request is approved, the International Center will issue you a new I-20 for continued attendance. Please allow 5 days to process your request. 


Change of Status:

Changing Status from F-1

1. Provide proof of approved change of status to the Kearney Internatioanl Center. USCIS will provide receipts usually on a form I-797 Notice of Action/Approval. CISS can enter that information in the SEVIS system to update your record which may prevent travel issues in the future.

a. If remaining as a student or returning to MSU as a student, please complete the additional forms from the Registrar's Office: Residency for Tuition and International Student Non-Immigrant/Immigrant Intent. Your SEVIS record will end but your MSU record will reflect your new status.

b. If leaving MSU and not returning, your SEVIS record will end with the change of status information.

2. Health insurance refund. Once the change of status is approved, you may request a refund if you paid in advance for a year of insurance and you will not require insurance for the next semester.

Name Change or Marriage