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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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International Student Admission

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If you have any questions about the application process, please email



We are affordable!

Minnesota State offers through the Cultural Contribution Scholarship—nearly a 50% savings and charges resident tuition rate for ALL graduate students!  Students in Mankato also enjoy a relatively low cost of living and free public transportation.

We offer a variety of programs and a world-class education!

We offer a variety of programs and a world-class education!  We academically challenge students with over 130 undergraduate (bachelor’s) programs and 70 graduate (master’s and doctoral) programs that develop new perspectives, skills, and opportunities. The strong academics and excellent faculty attract over 14,600 students from 42 states in the United States and over 90 countries. Our faculty and advisors are accomplished, supportive, and  always challenging students to higher levels of thought and action.

We have a great community for international students!

Mankato, located 121 kilometers southwest of Minneapolis/St. Paul, provides a safe, friendly environment with a low cost of living and abundant student-friendly housing.  The campus and city are big enough to offer everything students need but small enough to get to know and be known.

MSU, Mankato is home to nearly 1200 international students representing over 90 countries around the world making us 39th in the nation for international student population according to Open Doors (2011).  Additionally, there are over 200 recognized student groups, including a large, active International Student Association and several other nationality-specific groups, committed to serving and advocating on behalf international students on campus. 

We care!

The Kearney International Center provides an extraordinary level of support and services to our international students, including a wide range of programming with events that draw 300-3,000 members of the campus and local communities several times each year. There are countless ways for international students to get involved here regardless of their individual interests. MSU, Mankato, truly has an avenue for everyone to explore his or her social interests and intellectual pursuits.

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Bachelor’s (Undergraduate) Degree Costs

 The Estimated Expenses Chart shows the most current costs for attending Minnesota State University. These include University fees, tuition fees, books and supplies, room and board, personal/transportation and medical insurance for the academic year or for two semesters.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Minnesota State University is unique in that ALL international undergraduate students on an F and J visa automatically qualify for the Cultural Contribution Scholarship their first semester! This scholarship allows international students to receive in-state tuition which is about half the cost of the out of state tuition. In order to keep the scholarship after their first semester, students must meet the following criteria:

·         Maintaining  J-1 or F-1 Visa Status

·         Maintaining a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 for the term or 3.0 cumulative

·         Have a Full Academic Course Load of 12 credits for undergraduate students/ 6 credits for graduate students

·         Complete 25 Cultural Contribution Hours each semester- these are volunteer hours that you contribute to the MSU or Mankato community.

·         Do not go past the limit on enrolled semesters- 9 for undergrad, 5 for graduate students.

Submitting an application and being admitted will automatically allow them to receive the scholarship.

Master’s (Graduate) Degree Costs

International students are eligible for in–state tuition rates during their entire length of study at Minnesota State Mankato.

·         Estimated tuition and fees for the nine–month academic year: $7424

·         Nine–month room and board: $7768

·         Books, supplies, insurance and other expenses: $3500

·         Total estimated expenses for school year (nine months): $18,692*

*The MBA, MSW, MAT, and doctoral programs currently charge a higher tuition rate and applicants to those programs must demonstrate additional financial support beyond $21,265. Estimated expenses are based on eight or more credits per semester. Current rates are available on the Student Financial Services web page.

Master’s (Graduate) Degree Scholarships and Financial Assistance

 Minnesota State Mankato offers a limited number of assistantships for graduate international students. Students must apply and be selected to receive an assistantship. These assistantships include a small stipend and a tuition scholarship. To see what graduate assistantships are available, please visit the Graduate Assistantship Listing. : Most graduate assistantships do not cover the entire estimated cost of attendance.




  1. Who is an international student?
  2. How do I apply?
  3. How long does the application process take?
  4. How will I find out if I have been admitted?
  5. How do I get my I-20 after I have been admitted?
  6. Who should I contact if I have any questions about MNSU or the application process?
  7. Do I need to submit proof of English if I come from a country where English is primarily spoken?

Who is an international student?

An international student is a student who plans to study at Minnesota State University on F-1 or J-1 Visa.

How do I apply?

Bachelor (UNDERGRADUATE) Application Instructions.

If you are applying for an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree, please see the application instructions at the following link:

Master or Doctoral (GRADUATE) Application Instructions.

Master or Doctoral (GRADUATE) Application Instructions. If you are interested in Master’s or Doctoral degree, please visit the international student graduate application instructions at the following link:

Please note that different programs may have requirements in addition to the general requirements for all international graduate applicants, so it is important that you refer to the program pages at the following link:

How long does it take to process my application and get an Admissions decision?

The length of the admissions process depends on a few things:

  • How much time it takes you to submit all of the required documents needed to review your application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. To see a list of documents required, please visit the following links:

Undergraduate Checklist:

Graduate Checklist:

  •      How many other students are ahead of you in the application queue.

How will I find out if I have been admitted?

 Your admissions decision will always come via email. Therefore, it is important that you are providing a correct and up to date email address on your application.

How do I get my I-20 after I have been admitted?

When and if you are admitted, you will receive an email notification that contains a link to an I-20 Request form. In order to receive your I-20, you must fill this form out and email it to the International Center.  This process can take 1-3 weeks after you have been admitted depending on how many other students have requested I-20’s.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my application?

The International Center has an International Recruitment and Retention Specialist who can help assist you with the application process. If you have questions about MNSU or the application process, please email

Do I need to submit proof of English if I come from a country where English is primarily spoken?

MNSU does not ask students coming from a country where the primary or official language spoken is English. However, to find out whether or not your country is considered a country that would be exempt from submitting English Proficiency, please contact