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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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The RETURNING TO MSU form is intended to assist those international students who began studies at Minnesota State University, Mankato and interrupted their program of study by either

a) departing the United States for at least one term, OR

b) transferring out to another SEVIS approved college/university and then wishing to return to MSU.

You have already been admitted by MSU; therefore this form is to confirm your ability to return for your program of study. Please complete the form and follow the instructions provided.


Students returning after Academic Suspension will not be issued a New Initial Attendance I-20’s for the summer study.  This is because Full-time study would be required and the intensive short-term nature of summer classes are difficult for any student, especially those with previous academic difficulties.  Additionally, there is little Academic Support available over the summer to assist a student coming off suspension.  We strive to assist you in finding academic success, and returning for the Fall or Spring will maximize that opportunity.