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Tax Information

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Tax Information

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Information provided is only to guide you through the forms and procedures- 

Disclaimer: we are not tax preparer professionals so for individual assistance with complex tax issues, you may need to seek professional tax help. We do not provide tax or legal advice.

What forms should I complete as an International Student?

1.     For Students who were here in 2016 and DID NOT have an income.

For students that did NOT work during 2016 and were in the United States for at least 1 day, you only are required to file form 8843.


  1. Link to 8843 Form: [PDF] [PDF] (104 KiB) (106 KiB)
  2. Save form on your Desktop
  3. Click [PDF] here (281 KiB) for instruction on how to complete form. (These are the instructions for 2013, but they work for 2015)
  4. Send form to :

Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service
Austin, TX 73301-0215, U.S.A

Form 1098 T Form does NOT apply to you.

2.     For students who were here in 2016 and HAD an income.

For students who DID have an income during 2016 and the year 2016 was your  first, second, third, fourth or fifth year in the US (Example: If you arrived to the US on December 31, 2011; 2011 would be your first year in the US, even though you were here one day. So 2016 would be you your 5th year in the US), you’re considered a NON- RESIDENT for tax purposes and generally should complete the following forms from the IRS:

1.      -8843 Form

2.      -1040NR

3.      -State tax forms

·         Please go to setup appointment with the VITA.

·         All forms must be sent by April 15, 2016.

·         Form 1098 T Form does NOT apply to you.

·         For information about renters refund refer to point 3.

Side Note:  

·         If you arrived in 2011 or before, then you have been in the US longer than five years. For tax purposes ONLY, you are considered a resident alien. You can then complete standard federal and state tax forms. Complete 1040NR forms. If you need assistance with taxes you can use any online service or tax accountant. Non-residents do not have this option.

·         For information about renters refund refer to point 3.

3.     Renters Refund: Did you rent an apartment or house during 2016? 

·         If you answered YES, click on the following link and read the Eligibility Requirements section in page 2. 

·         Link to the form: [PDF] (broken link) (87 KiB)

·         If you have any questions about this form, please contact Minnesota Department of Revenue. Below is the link with the information:

Please note that if you have little in earned wages, the state of MN may consider you a dependent and not eligible to receive the Renter Property Tax refund.  Please follow their instructions.

Why do you file Taxes?

  • You may receive an income tax refund.
    Most international students filling a non-resident tax return receive a tax refund.
  • Take advantage of Tax Treaty benefits
    Tax treaties reduce tax liability of international students working in the United States. Using tax treaties you can save money and increase your tax refund.
  • Meet your requirements for U.S. visa
    International students and scholars are required to file your taxes to maintain immigration statusFailing to do so can result in violation of your immigration status.