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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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MavFacts is a new initiative from the office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment. In an effort to support greater data utilization and spur information-based discussions and dialogue, we have produced the following MavFacts for your learning enjoyment.

If you have a suggestion for an upcoming MavFact, please contact us and let us know.

MavFact 26: Student Costs (broken link)

MavFact 25: Grants and Contracts (broken link)

MavFact 24: Fall to Spring Retention (broken link)

MavFact 23: Retention and Completion Trends (broken link)

MavFact 22: Student Athletes and Academic Performance

MavFact 21: First-Time Student GPA, Retention and Completion (broken link)

MavFact 20: Undecided Students (broken link)

MavFact 19: Re-Imagining the First Year of College (broken link)

MavFact 18: Student and Employee Diversity (broken link)

MavFact 17: First Year Academic Performance and Graduation (broken link)

MavFact 16: PSEO/Concurrent Students (broken link)

MavFact 15: Time to Degree (broken link)

MavFact 14: Grant and Contract Revenues (broken link)

MavFact 13: Dean's List Students (broken link)

MavFact 12: Veteran and Military Students (broken link)

MavFact 11: Performance Gains

MavFact 10: Award Programs (broken link)

MavFact 9: High Achieving Graduates (broken link)

MavFact 8: Second Fall Retention (broken link)

MavFact 7: 2011-12 Graduate Status

MavFact 6: Students that Transfer-Out

MavFact 5: Missing Grades

MavFact 4: First Year Experience

MavFact 3: Persistence and Completion (broken link)

MavFact 2: Online Enrollment

MavFact 1: Developmental Coursework