From: HelpDesk

Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 2:11 PM

To: <ALL> Staff

Subject: ITS Help Desk NEWS for Fall Semester


Importance: High



phoneNeed Off-Hours Help? Try the NEW Help Desk Voicemail System 
Getting you help more efficiently and improving our response time are just two of the reasons
we implemented a new Help Desk voicemail system.  As much as we'd like to have one of our
staff pick up the phone each time you call the Help Desk with an issue, there are times we can't.
If that happens, you can now create a call ticket for assistance, update an existing ticket, or close a
call ticket you no longer need assistance with--all on the new Help Desk voicemail system.

Get the New Office 2010 Upgrade

MS Office 2010 software logos
Microsoft has released an upgrade to the Windows software suite Office 2010.  All programs within the suite

have been updated to improve the user experience, security and offer more options.  One significant change
you will see is the interface in Outlook.  Training sessions for faculty and staff begin this fall.  Register for
training online at  The software will
be available for installation on department computers starting September 15th. Please note that the
University's Microsoft campus license agreement covers computers owned by the University and does not
allow installation of the software on personal machines.


illustration of man sleeping at his computerUpdating Windows Computers In the Middle of the Night 
To improve your desktop computer's performance and security when you return to
campus, Information and Technology Services has begun using Wake On LAN. This
technology allows us to start your computer during non-business hours to install updates
without interrupting your workday. If your computer is already powered on you will
not see any change.

Recycling a Computer? Note the New Reimage/Scrub Procedure

illustration of recycling bin filled with computersPreserving user and department information is important.  In an effort to ensure that data is not
inadvertently lost, we require that any request for a computer hard drive to be scrubbed or
reimaged be approved by the Dean or Vice President of an employee's college or division. 
This form is available on the ITS website at /its/.  Please be sure to attach
this signed form to your computer before it is picked up or dropped off at the Help Desk for a
reimage or scrubbing.