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ITS Assessment Plan and Report

The Office of Information and Technology Services provides support to all parts of the University. The ITS assessment plan provides for establishing an accessible reporting process so the constituents of ITS can see trends and results of our efforts.

Current Measures (report)

Academic Computer Center

  1. Provide students updated and accessible computer resources on-campus.
    Measure the number of students using the ACC and satellite lab facilities.
  2. Facilitate faculty need for computerized classroom resources on-campus.
    Measure the number of classes held in the ACC.

Customer Support

  1. Provide faculty, staff, and students assistance in solving technological problems.
  2. Repair and maintain computer resources.
    Track computer repairs.
  3. To assist faculty, staff and students in purchasing computer technological resources.
    Track purchases, inventory levels. 

Data Entry

  • Provide administrative, faculty, and staff support in programming and data entry projects.
    The number of projects, cost and labor savings, and subjective satisfaction of users.

Educational Technology Services

  1. Monitor, extend, and upgrade classroom multi-media presentation systems.
    Track number and percentages of rooms covered; utilization.
  2. Provide faculty technical support and training for online education.
    The number of offerings/ attendance will be tracked as well as satisfaction.
  3. Provide number of online education faculty accounts.
    Fall 2005 - 251
    Current statistics>>
  4. Provide number of online education courses.
    Fall 2005 - 851
    Spring 2005 - 818
    Fall 2004 - 789
    Spring 2004 - 667
    Fall 2003 - 490
    Spring 2003 - 301
    Current statistics>>
  5. Provide outreach events to external constituency and professional groups.
    Track number of conferences, community and workshops, and attendance and satisfaction.

Technical Services

  1. Provide available and accessible file storage and file sharing ability for faculty, staff, and students.
    Calculate amount and usage of file storage; survey for interest in additional features.
  2. Monitor and improve the electronic communication access and use of faculty, staff, and students.
    Calculate e-mail (forwards off-campus, amount of storage) and phone statistics.
  3. Provide an accessible and available wireless network on-campus.
    Conduct site survey to map coverage and use tools to monitor usage and availability.
  4. Provide accessible and available printing resources on-campus.
    Conduct site survey to map coverage and use and monitor student satisfaction through survey.


Web Services

  • Develop and maintain a useful and informative website for the university and its constituents.
    Number of visits to website; satisfaction of visitors with site on specific criteria.