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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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iSALT Fellows Program

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The iSALT Fellows Program brings together a cohort of innovators on campus and provide systematic support for them to conduct research around their innovative projects. The goal is to help participants produce scholarly works that can be published in peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, or as part of conference proceedings. 

The iSALT Fellows Program includes a curriculum designed to keep the participants' research and publication schedule on track, which include:

  • Online modules hosted on Desire2Learn,
  • Monthly face-to-face group meetings with other iSALT Fellows, and
  • Individual consultation meetings with members of the ATS team.

We use a flipped instruction model in this program. Participants will complete the online module, which typically include videos, readings and tasks, before attending the face-to-face meeting. Each of the online modules focuses on a critical issue about how to conduct empirical research, which include:

  • Program overview and different types of scholarly work,
  • Developing a conceptual framework,
  • Collecting and analyzing data,
  • Synthesizing research findings.

Participants will be asked to watch videos, review materials and complete a task designed to deepen understanding of these materials in each online module. After that, participants will come to the scheduled face-to-face meeting to discuss and present their research projects and receive feedback from other fellows. These 1-hour meeting sessions are designed to be interactive. The fellows are expected to participate in discussions and presentations around various topics related to their research and/or to teaching and learning in general.

Additionally, participants are encouraged to schedule individual meetings with members of the ATS team to discuss any issues related to their research project. The ATS team can work with each participant to develop individualized research plans and timelines and provide on-going support during the research process.


Please click here to learn more about the iSALT Projects.


Please contact Vicky Cai for more information.