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What is OneDrive? 

OneDrive is an online storage (cloud) service from Microsoft in which you can have private folders and shared folders. Think of OneDrive as a new generation of MavDISK. You can share and collaborate with others (even outside of MSU) and access these files from any device using Office 365 - anywhere in the world.

OneDrive can be set up to automatically sync files from your desktop, to your laptop, and up to OneDrive on Office 365. Files in Office 365 OneDrive can be edited directly using Office Apps online using a web browser.

Alternatively, OneDrive's new feature called OneDrive Files On-Demand can be set up so that files stay in the cloud, but appear like they're on your computer (although they're not). When you click on a file to open it, it's quickly copied down to your computer and opened. When you save the file, changes are sync'ed and backed-up to OneDrive in the cloud.

OneDrive acts like an automatic backup - saving versions of the file as it's being edited. If you make an error and want to either go back or reference an earlier-saved version of a file, you can view its version history and recover an earler version.

All Faculty, Staff and Students store up to 5 TB of files to their OneDrive. 

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