Articulate Storyline

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Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is an interactive eLearning tool that allows instructors to create branched, narrative simulations easily with simple to develop characters and sets. The tools allows you to embed media of many kinds, including videos, audio, and images, and export to a simple, friendly tool for learners.

Below is a sample Articulate Storyline created by ATS as part of the Service Desk training in Desire2Learn. This demonstrates some of what is possible with Storyline.

Storyline has been installed on the two public access computers in the Faculty Resource Center in the basement of Memorial Library, and in the ITS suite at 7700 France Ave. in Edina. These machines can be used by faculty, staff, or students on a walk-in basis. If you'd like to reserve time on one of these machines, please contact Michael Manderfeld or Marni Dunning.

See a sample Storyline project created by ATS as part of the Service Desk D2L training. NOTE: This will launch in a new window.