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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Technology Fee Advisory Subcommittee

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2019 Technology Fee Advisory Subcommittee

A technology fee advisory committee shall exist for each college or university. A majority of the committee members shall be students. The committee will make recommendations to the college or university president regarding expenditure of revenues received from the technology fee. Prior to making such recommendations, the technology advisory committee will inform the campus student association (s) of the committee's recommendations and seek advice and comment.


Meeting Schedule and Notes

Planned Meetings and Topics

Dates and Times for 2019

  • Agenda - Feb 12, 2019 (Tuesday - 2:30pm - 4:00pm) -- Memorial Library ML3012
    • Welcome and introduction (VP for Technology and CIO Mark Johnson)
    • Overview of Tech Fee Process (Mark Johnson)
    • Tech Solutions Team - Network Services, Communications and Systems presentation (Bryan Schneider)
    • Tour - MSU Main Computer Center (Bryan Schneider)
    • Educause ECAR Student Survey for October 2018 (Bryan Schneider)
  • Agenda - Feb 19, 2019 (Tuesday - 2:30pm - 4:00pm) -- Memorial Library Room ML094A  
    • Academic Technology presentation (Elizabeth Harsma, Carrie Miller, Michael Manderfeld)
    • Tour:
      • Center for Excellence in Innovation (Matt Clay)
      • Global Learning Lab (Matt Clay)
      • Video Production/Control Studio (Robert Petersen)
      • Collaborative Classroom (ML109)
      • Computer Store / Electronic Repair (CSU) (Kristi Bakalyar)
      • Morris Hall Classrooms
      • Geography Labs (Don Friend)
      • College of Business Crossroads (Bryan Hoffman, Dean Brenda Flannery)
      • MSU secret tunnels and networking core (Ricardo Muggli)


Appointed by the TR and MSSA (functions as a subcommittee of the TR and the MSSA)

MSSA Members

  • Luis A. Orozco Marmolejo, - Major
  • Katrina Cronk, - Student Senate Apointee - Graduate Studies Major
  • LeeAnna Moy - Student Senate Appointee - Allied Health and Nursing Major
  • Abdullah Moin, Student Senate Appointee -  Major
  • Mohammad Sajal - Student Senate Appointee -  Major
  • Samuel Oluwadoromi - Grad Student - Computer Info Technology
  • Firdavs (Fed) Khaydarov - Student - Major Clinical Psychology
  • Sammy Tanui - Student - Major Information Technology
  • Stephanie Siatsis - Student - Major 

Technology Roundtable Members 

  • Tom Tran, TR Member - Library Services Systems Librarian
  • Emily Stark, TR Member - College of Social and Behavioral Science (Psycology)
  • Diane Coursol, TR Member - Counseling and Student Personnel
  • Gary Urban - TR Member - Finance and Administration Systems
  • Ronald Browne - TR Member - Education
  • Amy Linde - ITS - Strategic Communications Coordinator

Other Information

Relevant Minnesota State Policy and Procedures

Link to Pre-2004 Student Technology Input

Previous Presentation COB Laptop Initiative (broken link)