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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Meeting A

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Meeting A Notes



Meet at ITS Conference Room ML3010 (3rd Floor of Memorial Library)

Welcome and Introductions - Marilyn Delmont

Review of Process and Plan for the Year - Bryan Schneider

ITS Purpose and Vision - Marilyn Delmont

ITS Organization Review and Computer Center Tour

  • ORG Chart 
  • Programming Area
  • Computer Center
  • Customer Services/Help Desk
  • Systems
  • ACTS

Presentation: - Bryan Schneider Technical Services

Technical Services

  • Intro and overview of Technical Services
  • Growth areas and Future

Computer systems and network systems infrastructure

  • Automation of account creation
  • Network services: DNS, DHCP, LDAP, Active Directory, Dial-in
  • Web Services
  • File Servers
  • Print Servers
  • Database Servers
  • Software Updates and Patches
  • Equipment Monitoring

Local Area Network

  • 2001 Network Upgrade
  • Internet Service

ResNet Network / Internet Proposal

  • Adding bandwidth and computer support

Wireless Network

  • History
  • Wireless Security
  • Future Wireless Enhancements

Remote Access Services

  • Dial-in Servers
  • VPN

Card Access System

VoIP Phone System

Student Tech Fee Supported Printing (MavPRINT)

  • Solutions to Control Cost/Waste

MavMAIL E-mail Systems

  • Spam / Virus Filtering
  • MavMAIL
  • MavMAIL upgrades
  • MavMAIL Future Enhancements

MavDISK Campus File Server

  • Features
  • Future Enhancements

Online MavCARD Transaction System

What Keeps Bryan Up At Night


Technology Comparison - Minnesota State Mankato With Other Colleges and Universities - Wayne Sharp's Trip to New Orleans

Feedback of the today's meeting and the overall plan

Subcommittee Open Discussion

Action Items

  1. Review student account deactivation policy
  2. Recommendation to drop 1 T1 line (24 modems) and save $10,000 per year
  3. Demonstration of fire supression system
  4. Demonstration of MavMAIL Voice Command system
  5. Why is it sometimes MavNET doesn't prompt for password but later does?
  6. COB - as per Jim Varner COB Senator, Vista computers have problems with wireless and printing.
  7. Printer in CSU outside SLDSL is down. What can be done about that?
  8. Reschedule February 29th meeting - some students going to Washington DC.

Background Information

Orientation Web Site



  • Harshdeep Bhasin
  • Jared Grove
  • Samir Bhattarai
  • Toluwalope Ajibewa


  •  Steve Vassar
  •  Joan Roca
  •  Peg Lawrence


  • Marilyn Delmont
  • Bryan Schneider
  • Wayne Sharp