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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Meeting D

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Meeting D

March 16, 2012
2:00pm- 3:00pm


Meet at ML045 Casual Collaborative Computing Lab (Basement of Memorial Library)


Web Application Development - Ted Johnson

Casual Computer Lab (CCL) and Global Computer Lab

  • Casual Computer Lab (CCL) - Dawn Leech
  • Global Computer Lab (GLL) - Jim Grabowska
  • Electronic Books - Jessica Schomberg
  • Tour Library Technology -  Jessica Schomberg
  • ML081 computer lab
  • Laptop Checkout
  • Student Study Areas - Lower Hallway
  • Computer areas on first floor,  "Library Info Commons"
  • Library 1st floor remodel plan
  • Copy Shoppe
  • MavPRINT printing - Bryan Schneider

Tour - Centennial Student Union 

  • CSU lower level lab - Lori Woodward 
  • Campus Computer Store & Asset Management - Samia Tariq


Background Information


  • Sarah Koenen
  • Brett Spartz
  • Serghei Tarabuhin
  • Soyal Shrestha
  • Scott Fee
  • Bryan Schneider
  • Dawn Leech
  • Ted Johnson
  • Jessica Schomberg
  • Lori Woodward
  • Samia Tariq

 Action Items:

  • Lab in CSU - computers very slow
  • Added wireless coverage CSU basement by lab and gameroom
  • Add google voice to Skype computers
  • Improve cell phone coverage in buildings like CSU and classrooms
  • More power outlets and USB power outlets for students
  • Mediascapes with dual monitors rather than single
  • Make USB PowerPoint slide clickers availabe in ERC for checkout
  • Improve logon speed of computers