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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

COB Laptop

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  • The College of Business Laptop Program is supported by Information and Technology Services.
  • Enrollment in College of Business 200-400 level courses requires the use of a COB specially configured laptop for all students.
  • The College of Business website has detailed information available online about the COB Laptop Program.

Software and Hardware Support

College of Business enrolled students can receive assistance from the IT Service Desk located on the third floor of Memorial Library in Information and Technology Services.

The COB Laptop

  • The COB has a range of recommended computer models students may choose from to meet their needs. These laptops are available for purchase through the Campus Computer Store.
  • Laptops can be purchased by any student. To purchase this laptop specially configured for COB use you must be a College of Business major/minor or enrolled in a laptop required class (200-400 level courses).

Purchasing the COB Laptop

  • The Campus Computer Store maintains a limited supply of COB laptops.
  • If you purchase a laptop that is out of stock and needs to be ordered delivery time is typically 10-15 business days.
  • When your laptop is available you will be asked to attend a required laptop distribution time. During this time you will receive your laptop and go over the initial setup to personalize and configure it for campus use.

Distribution Sessions

  • Students purchasing the laptop with the College of Business configuration need to attend a distribution session to pick up their laptop.
  • Distributions are held on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Library in the ITS Service Desk area at the following times:
    • Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3:00 pm.
    • Tuesday at 11:00 am
    • Friday by appointment.
  • Your laptop will be specially configured with all of the COB software installed.
  • The sessions last approximately 3/4 of an hour to 1 hour.
  • You will be notified via email or a phone call when your laptop is ready to be picked up.
  • Please be prepared to present a photo ID when you attend a distribution session.

Non-Recommended COB laptop

  • Students choosing to use non-COB laptops should have a laptop that meets the minimum specifications.
  • Review instructions for how to check your laptop to see if it meets or exceeds the minimum specifications here.
  • Please consult the COB website for full information regarding use of a non-COB laptop.
  • Requests to have laptops inspected for approval can be made at the COB Help Desk in person or by contacting the COB Service Desk at or 507-389-6654.
  • Music Industry student laptop [PDF] information (25 KiB).

Warranty Information

  • The warranty on your Dell COB recommended laptop starts from the date Dell ships the laptop from their facility.
  • The complete-care warranty, covering accidents and hardware failure is in effect for three years on all parts except the battery.
  • The battery's warranty is for a period of one year.
  • Check My Warranty Status

COB Laptop Loaner Policy

  • To be eligible for a COB Loaner Laptop the student must be enrolled in a COB Laptop Program class and have purchased the COB recommended laptop.
  • The student requesting the loaner must have a COB Laptop in for repair/service or have a COB designated laptop on order with the Campus Computer Store.
    • Duration of checkout is a maximum of one week from date of pickup.
    • The loaned laptop must be returned on the scheduled date or a hold will be placed on students records.
    • The loaned laptop must be returned on the scheduled date or a charge of $10.00 per day will be assessed.
    • If your laptop is the COB designated laptop required by the College of Business and repairs for either hardware or software are not completed by either ER or the COB Service Desk within the one week, the loan can be renewed. The student must contact the COB Service Desk staff for the renewal. The loaned laptop must be returned when the student’s machine is picked up.
  • The student is financially responsible for replacement or repairs for any and all damage to the laptop while in their possession. If the computer or any part of the loaned equipment is stolen or not returned, the student is responsible for the replacement value of the equipment. As the laptop is inspected for damage on return it is suggested the student inspect the laptop before taking possession.
  • The student understands that none of their data will be saved on this laptop and it will be deleted each time the laptop is shut down. The student should save all data to MavDISK or a alternate external storage option. In addition, the MavPRINT connections will need to be reconnected every time the laptop is powered on/off.
  • If the loaned laptop is not returned in good working order a restriction will be placed on registration for the following semester and/or a hold may be placed on a student’s record until payment is received