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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Custom Spam Filter Settings

Page address:

Log in to MavMAILFilter to access the custom settings panel. Use your official campus email address for Username. The Password is the same as your email password.

Whitelisting and blacklisting

Messages from whitelisted email addresses are always allowed. Messages from blacklisted email addresses are always blocked.

  • Select PreferencesWhitelist/Blacklist.
  • To whitelist an email address, Add it in the Allowed Email Addresses and Domains (Whitelist) section.
  • To blacklist an email address, Add it in the Blocked Email Addresses and Domains (Blacklist) section.

You may also whitelist or blacklist multiple email adresses at once using Bulk Edit.

Spam settings

  • Select PreferencesSpam Settings.
  • To disable spam filtering completely, set Enable Spam Filtering to No.
  • To enable changes to other default settings, change Use System Defaults to No and Save Changes.

Tag score

Tag score allows you to set the score at which an email is tagged as spam. As email messages arrive, the filtering system calculates a score for each message. A lower score indicates lower likelihood of being spam. A higher score indicates higher likelihood of being spam.

If too many legitimate messages are being moved to your Junk Email folder, set the tag score to a higher value. If too many spam messages are being delivered to your Inbox, set the tag score to a lower value.

Quarantine score

Quarantine is not used by default with our setup, because spam messages are delivered to the Junk Email folder. To enable quarantine, set the Quarantine Score to anything lower than 10. If quarantine is enabled, a digest message will be sent to you with a list of quarantined messages. Messages on the quarantine list are automatically deleted after 14 days.

Block score

Adjusting the block score changes what messages are rejected. Messages at or above the block score are discarded permanently. Discarded messages cannot be recovered.

Spam filter plugin for Outlook

[MSI] Download spam filter plugin for Outlook (561 KiB)

The spam filter plugin provides automatic whitelisting capablities for all versions of Microsoft Outlook. This plugin also allows messages to be classified as "spam" or "not spam" for your personal Bayesian settings.

The plugin will automatically whitelist:

  • All email addresses in your Sent Items folder for the past 30 days.
  • Sender addresses of messages classified as "not spam".
  • Recipient addresses of new messages sent.
  • Addresses of new Outlook contacts.

To manually classify a message:

  • Use the not spam button to mark a message as "not spam".
  • Use the spam button to mark a message as "spam".

The classification should only be applied to off-campus addresses. Your personal Bayesian filter will be activated after 200 messages are classified as "spam" and 200 messages are classified as "not spam".