Connecting to MavNET with Mac OS X

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  1. If Airport is not turned on select "Turn AirPort On" from the AirPort dropdown menu.
    AirPort dropdown menu when AirPort is off
  2. From the AirPort menu, select "MavNet-Encrypted"
    AirPort dropdown menu when AirPort is on
  3. You should see a "Verify Certificate" prompt for 802.1x Authentication. Click "Continue" to accept the certificate.
    'Verify Certificate' dialogue box
  4. Next, an 802.1x Authentication prompt should ask you for your campus username and password (this is the same info that you log into your. Enter these in the appropriate boxes.
    '802.1X Authentication' dialogue box
  5. After entering your login information, you should see "MavNet-Encrypted" momentarily scrolling next to the AirPort icon in the Mac OS X menu bar. You should now be connected to MavNet-Encrypted.
    Mac OSX menu bar