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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Privacy and Sharing

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by Tim DeWeese

When you click the post button on a social media page you may not realize just how much information you are giving away. Social media websites can give out lots of information about a person that can be used against them in multiple different ways. It's easy to track your class or work schedule, where you live, when you go on vacation, etc. just by watching your social media. These bits of information are pieces of a larger puzzle that can be used to extrapolate real, important information about you.  It is recommended that you review the privacy settings on your personal accounts to restrict access from unwanted people.

Be cautious about sites that request a lot of information from you in order to set up an account. Some websites are only out there to gain as much sensitive information about people as they can. When asked to give out sensitive information online or over the phone, ask yourself the 5 W’s:

·         Who is asking for the information?

·         Why do they need this information?

·         What will they use it for?

·         Where will they store the sensitive information?

·         When will the sensitive information be removed from their records?