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Track that device!

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By Khalid Diriye

Finding lost “smart” devices can be a pain sometimes.  Many people aren’t aware there are tools that can help them find their lost phone, or tablet. Tools such as Google’s Android Device Manager and Apple’s Find My iPhone are a few tools you can use help you track that device. Just remember to “Limit Personal Information stored on devices” in case you do lose your device!

Track your lost Android device with Google’s Android Device Manager


·         Your device is connected with your Google account.

·         Your device has access to the internet.

·         Allowed Android Device Manager (ADM) to locate your device (turned on by default).

·         Make sure Location or GPS tracking is enabled on your device.

·         Allow ADM to lock your device and erase its data (turned off by default).

Google’s official lost phone or tablet tracker is Android Device Manager. The best thing about ADM is all you need to track your device is the google account the device is registered with. This means you can do it from your computer as well. Your tablet or phone must be connected to the internet and to your google account to successfully locate it. The following instructions should help you track your device if it gets lost.

Go to Google and search “Android Device Manager”.

 Login into your Gmail Account.


Now you can track your device with ADM and are able to ring, lock, and wipe your device.

iOS Device Tracking

Tracking your iPhone is a little different. Find My iPhone allows you to use another iOS device such as an iPad, iPod, iPhone, and a Macbook to locate your missing iPhone on a map.

Requirements to Use Find my iPhone:

·         Upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5 or above.

·         Register an iCloud account (Apple ID).

·         Install Find My iPhone app.

·         Turn on Find My iPhone by tapping Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone. Tap Allow to confirm this option.

Ø  Go to your App Store and install “Find My iPhone”

Ø  Login to iCloud and start “Find My iPhone”

Ø  Choose your device and start tracking process.