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Access to Computer Labs and Classrooms Via MavCARD

For classrooms and labs requiring keycard access, customers can request this service to gain access to the room(s) listed below. This access will be applied automatically to the individual's University identification card (MavCARD). Requests must be submitted by a University faculty or staff member.
Rooms include:
  • Armstrong Hall AH11, AH29, AH203, AH204, AH223, AH309, AH315, AH327, AH331
  • Ford Hall (FH) 139
  • Memorial Library (ML) 47
  • Morris Hall (MH) 212
  • Nelson Hall (NH) 202, 203
  • Wiecking Center (WC) 342, 352
key card

Accessibility Technologies


The following services and support are available to assist with accessibility needs.

  • Accessibility Course Review: Instructors can request an Accessibility Course Review to ensure the accessibility of course content.  This service is provided upon request for students with registered disabilities with Accessibility Resources. Priority is given to rich media such as recorded lectures, videos and movies, and interactive media pieces used in the course.
  • Braille Translation Support Instructors using books or research articles in their courses are required by, Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, to provide equivalent alternatives for students with visual disabilities. Information and Technology Services has been developing the capacity to assist in braille translation of print materials for visually impaired learners and is available to work with instructors and students to provide translated course materials.
  • Consulting: Accessibility In collaboration with Accessibility Resources, Information and Technology Services is available to consult with instructors, faculty and students who a) have a registered disability, or b) work with or teach a person with a registered disability to ensure that course materials are accessible and that workplace accommodations are adequate.
  • Media Captioning Support Instructors using media in their courses are required, by Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, to provide equivalent alternatives for students with hearing disabilities. Information and Technology Services has a well-developed process for captioning media, with a 3-5 day response time and nearly 100% accuracy available for instructors, faculty and students.
  • Media Digitization Services: Instructors are increasingly dependent on a wide range of media to support instruction. If you have a video or audio clip, we can help get it digitized and posted online, while assisting in performing a four factors Fair Use analysis to ensure that we are as compliant as possible with copyright and intellectual property statutes.

Application Hosting

Application Hosting provides the infrastructure resources necessary to support specialized applications used by departments throughout Minnesota State Mankato.  After a review of the application's requirements, ITS will provide consultation and advise on the best way to solution to meet the department's needs, as well as support the necessary infrastructure. Application support should be provided for by the customer through customer support or vendor support whenever possible.

Audience Response System


ChimeIn is Minnesota State Mankato's custom audience response service. This service allows audience members to participate by submitting feedback with the use of a web browser on any computing device or through text messaging using a cell phone. 



Classroom Exam Test Scanning


​Information Technology Services provides a Scantron test scoring service to the Minnesota State University Mankato campus. 

General purpose Scantron sheet #4521 must be used. Test score results are returned electronically to requesting faculty member.

Classroom, Computer Lab, Conference Room Technology Upgrade and Design

The Classroom and Computer Lab Design and Technology Upgrade service provides consultation and planning for new technology enabled classrooms and computer labs. This service is available for classrooms, conference rooms, computer and other specialized labs. Technology Upgrades can be requested for existing technology enabled classrooms to be updated or upgraded with new equipment.​
Equipment in technology-enabled classrooms and computer labs are updated on a recycling schedule. Requests to upgrade technology-enabled classrooms or computer labs with updated or new equipment may also be submitted to ITS.


consulting; smart board

Classroom/Lab and Kiosk Support

Classroom, computer lab and kiosk technology support.
  • Desktop and laptop devices
  • Approved computer peripherals
  • Projectors
  • Document Cameras
  • Classroom Technology Control Systems
  • Smartboard, Smart Podium and Smart TV
  • Lecture Capture
smart board

Computer and Accessory Setup: New, Redistributed or Surplus


Set-up and configuration of Minnesota State Mankato asset tagged equipment and accessories.

  • Computer setup or reimage for academic and university business.
  • Computer Software installed for academic and university business.​
  • Computer accessory setup and configuration.
  • Requests for surplus computers.

Computer Purchase: Hardware, Software and Accessory

The Campus Computer Store sells desktops, laptops, printers and many other technology accessories to students, employees and departments. Most items are sold at educational rates or priced low to offer the best value. Shop in store or online at Special order items available on request.
Product Categories:
  • Computers, Laptop and Tablets: Apple, Dell and HP.
  • Software: Boxed software and license cards.
  • Peripherals: mice, keyboards, adapters, and remotes.
  • Digital Storage: thumb drives, external hard drives, memory cards, discs.
  • Audio equipment: headphones and speakers.
  • Miscellaneous accessories: cases, backpacks, bags.

*Campus computer hardware and software standards

Requests for non-standard purchases require completed and approved waiver form

Computer Surplus Secure Disposal

The Computer Surplus service is the official University method for securely disposing/redistributing State assets that are electronic storage devices.
Examples: computers desktops, laptops, tablets and external hard drives.
If you want to surplus or request a monitor, keyboard, mouse or other peripherals please contact University Facilities

Consulting: Technology and Innovation Needs

Information and Technology Services will provide professional consulting services to help identify the best solution to meet your technology needs. If ITS does not offer a service that meets your needs, we will work with you to find a solution from an alternative provider.

ITS will work with you to provide the following:

  • Recommend a solution using services provided by ITS or an alternative source.
  • Explain limits and possibilities of technology and available resources.
  • Get additional advice and opinions from alternative and available resources on campus.
  • Document all requests for clarity and effective communication.
tech director; technical director

Data Integration and Import

Data integration services allow third-party applications that have been purchased for local installation on Minnesota State Mankato servers or hosted remotely as "software as a service" (SaaS) to access data from University or MnSCU systems.
Engage with the Application Development team at the point your department is considering which third-party application to purchase, so we can be involved with your product evaluation.

Digital Document Imaging and Retention Support


​Using ImageNow, the document secure imaging solution, provides employees in colleges, divisions and departments with instant access to the information they require without having to search for physical documents. ImageNow also allows automated workflows to increase efficiency and productivity. For more information please visit


  • Provide basic support services to the Minnesota State University Mankato Campus.
  • Provide consulting services, process design, application development, testing and deployment of business applications integrated into ImageNow electronic documents and related services.
  • Eforms - web based forms that capture content directly into ImageNow.
  • Provide advanced support, business relationship management and consulting services for any MnSCU campuses hosted on the MSU Mankato ImageNow system.
  • ImageNow Server Hosting.


Email service is provided to members of the Minnesota State Mankato campus community. 
MavMail; Office 365

Emergency Alert Notification


StarAlert provides urgent communications  via text message and email to faculty, staff and students in event of a campus emergency. Enroll at

Evaluation Research Support

We are providing cohort programs, consultation services and resources to help the faculty and staff structure research studies to evaluate the efficacy of innovations around teaching and learning. More information can be found at:​.

Faculty Development and Training

Each college and department within MSU is unique, as are their faculty's training needs. In collaboration with the Center for Excellence and Innovation, Academic Technology Support offers both University-wide training, such as our Certificate in Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning, and customized faculty development opportunities through our Enriching Learning Environments.

Information Assurance and Cybersecurity


Information Assurance and Cybersecurity offer the following services:

  • Consulting: HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Consulting for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is available for leaders of covered entities on campus that work with protected health information to strategize implementation of security controls. Routine analysis of covered entities is performed to ensure compliance with HIPAA and to protect the privacy of students, staff and members of the public that use the medical services offered by the University.
  • Secure (Large) File Transfer MOVEit Securely is a convenient and secure way to transfer files both inside the MnSCU system and outside of MnSCU. It is a cloud service hosted by MnSCU that provides a secure platform to encrypt, send and receive large files to and from recipients. MOVEit Securely is a replacement for File Transfer Protocol, a service which has been deemed insecure by ITS and thus has been discontinued. Login using the StarID provided by your MnSCU institution. Online technical manual is available at

Instructional Design Support

Developing solid learning goals and designing and aligning course activities and assessments to those goals is trickier than it first appears. Our team of trained instructional designers can help make connections between your instructional goals, the literature on effective practices, and technology to help you optimize your students' learning and motivational outcomes.
  • Instructional Innovation Consulting: The world of instructional technology and technology-enhanced learning is changing rapidly. Academic Technology Support is constantly watching for new technologies and pedagogical strategies on the horizon to ensure that faculty and students at MSU receive the best opportunities afforded by the best teaching and learning strategies that are emerging in the research literature.
  • Personal/individual Instructional Consulting: Instructors interested in designing or reviewing their courses to help ensure alignment of their learning goals with their course activities can schedule an appointment with a member of our instructional design team to get personalized assistance in designing and building their course materials.
  • Teaching with Live Video​ Conferencing and Telepresence: Live videoconferencing and Telepresence offer new and novel ways for our faculty to engage learners across time and space. ATS offers services to help you learn how best to leverage the affordances of this technology and to teach effectively when your learners are at one or more remote locations.
  • Quality Matters (QM) is the national gold standard for quality in online courses. The QM standards are based on robust instructional design principles. Academic Technology Support has certified QM reviewers on staff, and we are happy to help you integrate Quality Matters principles into your course or your entire curriculum. A Quality Matters template has been developed in D2L that assists faculty in creating their course materials in compliance with the D2L standards.
consulting; QM; quality matters; innovation

Internet Access

Access to campus wired and wireless networks. Provided both encrypted and unencrypted wireless access to the Internet and campus information resources. 


  • Wired access available in all University buildings to all MSU employees and students using their StarID and password​​.
  • MavGuest wireless Internet access available in the CSU at all times and available on request in other buildings. Available on the Mankato Campus only.
  • MavNet and MavNet Encrypted wireless Internet access is available to all MSU employees and students using their StarID and password.
  • ResNet wireless and wired Internet access is available to students living in the residence communities using their StarID and password.
  • Guest Campus Accounts: Faculty and staff who wish to sponsor guest access to the MavNET wireless network can create guest accounts through an online web form Guest accounts will also allow guests to log into public lab computers on campus.   
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): The virtual private network (VPN) allows faculty, staff and students to securely access the Minnesota State Mankato campus network when you are not on campus. Allow access to MavDISK for users that are not on campus. The SSL VPN service can be accessed using either a VPN client or through your web browser. For more detailed instructions visit Once you have reviewed the instructions please visit to start using this service.​
network; ethernet; restech

Learning Management System (D2L) support

Information and Technology Services serves as the primary support mechanism for Desire2Learn (D2L) and provides all support, training, and liaison with MNSCU support services. While we have little control over the actual servers in D2L, including upgrade schedules and the services provided, which are handled nearly entirely by MNSCU, we do serve as the primary support team that bridges the MNSCU system with the MSU faculty and students.
  • Add or remove users from a course.
  • Create non-academic courses allowing for use as a learning management system for general training needs.
  • Provide video capturing from VHS or DVD for posting to a course.
  • Quiz Creation.
  • Customer Support and Training.
D2L; course content management; learning management; Desire2Learn

Lecture Capture Support

Lecture capture refers to the process of recording a lecture that the instructor will place on the Web for students to watch online. This practice can be used in both face-to-face courses and in fully online classes. Instructors can request that their lectures be captured to allow for later review by faculty and students.
  • Camtasia Relay, a tool that allows instructors to record lectures on their personal computer and upload it to Kaltura, our media management system.
  • nCast lecture capture.
  • HD Lecture Capture Studio, allows faculty to record their course lectures in high-definition quality with "Hollywood" quality audio, lighting and video. The files can then be converted and uploaded to Kaltura, our media management system.
  • iSpring and iSpring converter, a tool that allows instructors to record lectures on their personal computers. Files can then be converted and upload​ to Kaltura, our media management system.
Camtasia; lecture capture; ispring; ncast; capture studio

Link Shortening

URL shortening provides the campus community the ability to shorten web addresses while retaining the Minnesota State Mankato brand. This service is accessible online at ​

Loaner Laptops

Loaner laptops are available for use when an employee's departmental computer or laptop is being serviced for software or hardware issues.

Login: User Account Management

The CAMPUS StarID and password are the local credentials used for accessing services such as e-mail (MavMAIL), file sharing and storage, wireless network access (MavNET), Desire2Learn (D2L), and other services.  A CAMPUS StarID and an official institutional e-mail address are automatically created and maintained for all individuals currently employed or enrolled at Minnesota State Mankato.
StarID; sign in; logon; sign-in; signin; log-in; username; user; user account

MavCASH Service (Blackboard)


Plan/Test/Maintain Blackboard services for the University. This system is the primary solution for maintaining a declining debit system called MavCASH and is the primary system for retail transactions for  Pop/Snack/copy machine/MavPrint/Sodexho. This included updating information in the system and keeping it current with our user base on campus.​ This includes Copy Card management and other fund sources setup in MavCASH.


Telephones including physical handsets, soft phones, video phones, conference phones, cell phones and associated services.
  • Attendant console.
  • Billing resolution for both cell phones and land lines.
  • Call queuing systems.
  • Cell Phones - Can be ordered for business use with department approval. Use of cell phones must comply with Minnesota State Mankato and MnSCU policies, which can be found at Service plans may include voice, data and text messaging service. Mifi cards available on request, with department approval.
  • Conference Calling (Meet-Me): A Conference call using Meet-Me will allow for up to 100 callers from on or off campus to participate.  This service provides a special conference number to be called into by conference participants.  Off campus callers are responsible for any long distance charges incurred while dialing into this conference call.
  • Headset, setup and configuration.
  • Land line request and relocations.
  • Long distance.
  • Side folder voicemail options are available.
  • Training for phone use and features.
  • Voicemail PIN resets.
  • Voicemail with VoIP phones are available for faculty, staff and department offices on campus.
Complete the Telephone Change Request form available online at to request a land line phone.
telephony; communication; voicemail

Printing for Employees

Printer Setup, Network
  • Wired networked office printing set up. 
  • Physical printer set up.
  • Consultation for printer purchasing.
ITS does not support wireless printers.
MNSCU/ISRS printing requries PCL5 driver compliance.

Printing for Students (MavPRINT Stations)

​As part of your Student Technology Fees, students can print up to 300 black and white pages each semester at no charge. MavPrint stations are available in numerous building on campus with some 50+ printers available. 
  • Mobile Printing, Android, iOS, Laptop and Desktop.
  • Black and white printing, charges run at $0.05/page.
  • Color printing, charges run at $0.40/page.

Please review​ for addition information on this service.​

MavPrint; mobile printing

Repair, Hardware Warranty and Non-Warranty

Warranty hardware repair service is available for computers purchased through the Campus Computer Store. Warranty work is performed at our certified repair center for Apple, HP and Dell computers.

Hardware repairs are available for any computer or printer hardware without warranty coverage or other repair services not covered under the warranty. Following a hardware diagnostic, possible problems are identified and a cost estimate for repairs is provided to the customer. This service requires a $35 diagnostic fee which can be applied to the cost of the repair service. In cases where a problem cannot be identified, no diagnostic fee will be charged. Refer to online service price guide at for common repair, upgrade, and labor costs.​

Report Request

Report requests can be made from:
  • MnSCU ISRS data reporting is available to University personnel for ad hoc reports on essential services.
  • Internal SQL server databases, such as First Year Experience (FYE) orientation
  • Other sources as requested

SharePoint Site

SharePoint sites allow departments and committees the ability to work in a web-based collaborative environment.  Information and Technology Services will work with individuals to get sites created that will work for their needs.  During this process we will work with the individuals on who needs access to the site and what each person should be able to do on the site.

Single Sign-On, myMNSU Portal

myMNSU gives MSU students, faculty and staff single-sign-on (S-S-O) access to their email (MavMAIL), Storage (MavDisk), MavCash, and Desire2Learn (D2L). They can view email, upload or download files, and open their D2L account with only one click. And if they select the Full S-S-O option, they also have one-click access to the MnSCU registration portal for courses, transcripts and tuition payments.

Other features allow personalization of the portal page with RSS news feeds. Add favorite external news, sports, or entertainment sources from the Internet using My News Feeds module in the left-hand navigation. Also available are other MNSU department and college news feeds.
Access to the myMNSU Portal is through the Current Students or Faculty and Staff web pages on the website. Simply click the left-hand navigation link to the "myMNSU single-sign-on Portal".

Software Support and Access: Faculty and Staff

Provide assistance with accessing, installing, and troubleshooting Campus licensed software. Availability and cost of software varies according to your University role, type of device you have, and the software needed.


  • ITS will provide consultation in purchasing/accessing software to both individuals and departments.
  • Installation of licensed software installed on University assets. Software installation services are available from the IT Service Desk for all campus-licensed software as well as software licenses purchased through the Campus Computer Store (charges may apply for installation on personally-owned devices).
  • Data back up service for University owned assets.
  • Home Use Program:
    Employees of Minnesota State Mankato may PURCHASE and download ONE copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2013 or Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac at a significantly reduced price for use on an employee's personally-owned computer. Information is available at Information is available at
  • Teaching and Technology Tools
  • Software Downloads:​.
  • Software Purchases:​.
  • Assistance removing malware from computers is available through the IT Service Desk. This includes the removal of computer viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and other forms of malicious software.
Microsoft; SPSS; Office; MavApps;

Software Support and Access: Students

Provide assistance with accessing, installing, and troubleshooting software.
  • Software Downloads:
  • Software Purchases:
  • MavAPPS is an on-demand application/software delivery solution that enables users to access and use applications such as Microsoft Office, SPSS and others from anywhere with internet and a device (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS). Using MavAPPS provides the same level of access as using a regular workstation on campus.
  • Actively enrolled students can download the current version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows and Virus protection software at no charge. Installation is available through the software download page at
  • Operating System installations: Windows, Mac and Dual Boot Mac. Charges may apply.
  • Data back up service, charges will apply.
  • Assistance removing malware from computers is available through the IT Service Desk. This includes the removal of computer viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and other forms of malicious software. Charges may apply.
  • Assistance with software installation and troubleshooting. Charges may apply.
  • ResTech Services provides students living in the residence hall communities with assistance installing operating systems, antivirus and malware removal software and web browsers. ResTech Services will also provide troubleshooting support to resolve operating system performance issues as well as removal of viruses and malware.
Microsoft; Office; MavApps;

Software/Application Development

Application development requests offer the creation of software applications to support administrative offices as they serve Minnesota State University Mankato's mission delivering high-quality services to students, faculty and staff. Examples range from financial aid award routines to the curriculum design system.
Please allow adequate lead-time to have detailed consultation with business analyst and developer to determine business requirements for the project. Large projects may take a full year to complete.

Survey Request


Qualtrics is a powerful survey-building tool that is highly customizable and easy to use. With Qualtrics, you can design and distribute surveys, manage the responses, track the participants, and analyze the data, all in an easy-to-navigate web-based interface. Qualtrics is available to all faculty, staff, and students.


  • Design survey flow with Branch logic, Display Logic, and Skip Logic functions.
  • Take advantage of real-time collaboration opportunities.
  • Create surveys with embedded video, audio, and graphics.
  • Send and track participation invitations.
  • Post multiple surveys simultaneously and in multiple languages.
  • Export data directly to SPSS, CSV, PDF, Word and Excel.

Training and Support: Microsoft Office and Other Productivity Tools

Training in basic productivity tools such as the Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft OS are critical to the efficient functioning of the institution. Academic Technology Support offers training through the Microsoft Academy, as well as asynchronous training through​, for these types of basic, yet useful, productivity tools.

  • is an online training resource that offers over 2,300 video tutorials on a wide range of topics including: MS Office 2013, Desire2Learn, Career Skills, Customer Service, 3-D Animation, iPads, Photography, Graphic Design, and many more.
  • MS IT Academy​: Microsoft IT Academy is digital curriculum and certifications on fundamental technology skills -- as well as courses critical for students to be successful in today's technologically evolving world. 

Video Production

Information and Technology Services houses Mav Visual Productions, a team of student videographers managed by a senior creative director. This team of well-trained individuals​ can record and post-produce an event, interview, or colloquium for your department.
  • Produce and stream a live event for you such as athletic events, colloquia, student events, or theater productions.
  • Media Consulting: Increasingly, instructors, departments, and colleges are being asked to use media strategically for instruction, marketing, and a range of other purposes. Academic Technology Support can help you think through your media production needs, and strategize about how you'll use media to further your departments' goals.
ATS; AV; MVP; audio visual

Web Meetings - telepresence, adobe, etc.

Video Conferencing allows people in multiple locations to communicate with one another by simultaneous video and audio transmissions. Interactions are synchronous, or in real-time. Telepresence provides members of the Minnesota State Mankato community with an enterprise quality video conferencing experience for both academic and administrative purposes.
  • Adobe Connect Pro is a video conferencing/virtual meeting software - allowing for up to 100 attendees, webcam access for presenters, VoIP, and a secure unsearchable link to meetings that you can email to attendees. You can share websites, files, applications or your desktop with attendees, have open discussions with all attendees getting access to the white board, chat, and annotation tools, break off into groups, and have multiple presenters, create polls, record sessions for later viewing.
  • Telepresence provides members of the Minnesota State Mankato community with an enterprise quality video conferencing experience for both academic and administrative purposes. Telepresence is a high definition, immersive video conferencing experience that allows learners and instructors to connect across hundreds of miles as if they were in the same room. People in the remote location look life-sized, and have flawless audio and video.
  • Lync allows you to connect with others through instant messaging (IM), video calls, or online meetings. 

Website Services Support for Colleges, Divisions, Departments, and Programs

Official Website creation, consulting, and editing support are all available to Colleges, Divisions, Departments, and Programs.  This service includes creating and updating page layout, graphics and content body. 
  • Tools allowing page owners to edit their own content are also available.
  • Web forms