Connecting with Mac OS 10

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Instructions for connecting Macintosh OS 10.x clients to MavDISK
Frequently Asked Questions about connecting Macintosh OS 10.x clients to MavDISK

Instructions for connecting to MavDISK from Mac OS 10

  1. Click the Desktop so that Finder appears next to the Apple.
  2. Click Go on the menu bar and click Connect to Server or press command and k on your keyboard.
    Go image
  3. The dialog box Connect to Server will appear. Type the following into the Server Address line cifs://mavdisk/StarID$ replacing StarID with your StarID. You can add your MavDISK to your favorites by clicking the + symbol next to the Server Address. Click Connect.
    connect to server image
  4. The Server will prompt you to log in. Select the Registered User radio button and enter your StarID and StarID password. Click Connect.
    connect to server 2 image
  5. Your MavDISK will now open. 
    smb/cifs filesystem authentication image
  6. You can also access other folders that you have access to by typing cifs:// for the Server Address. Click Connect.
    usernames image
  7. You will now have to select which you would like to mount. The following are the most commonly accessed folders:
  • Groups contain your department drives.
  • MSU contains Applications, Courses, Group Folders, Staff, and Students folders.
  • Software contains MNSU software.
    files image

Frequently Asked Questions about connecting MacOS 10.x clients to MavDISK

Why are the Macintosh shares different than the shares on the PC?

Microsoft's File Sharing for Macintosh computers is limited in how it presents information to Apple talk clients. To create a volume for every user lowers Appletalk performance and complicates the login process.

Why do the Staff & Students drives point to more than just A-E ?

The drives are in place for when we split the information stores into bigger drives for this summer, we thought it would be better if we included this immediately so that users were used to the environment. This summer we will be breaking up the information stored on those drives so we can increase quotas for students and staff. More information will be available later this spring.

Can I share files between my Macintosh and PC?

Yes, you can connect both your Macintosh and PC to the same area utilizing the file space between platforms.