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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Connecting from the ACC

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Note: From the Academic Computer Center you may connect with Web browser or file sharing. A small application was created to make it easier for students and staff to connect to MavDISK

  1. Click the shortcut MavDISK in the start menu.
    start menu
  2. Enter your username and password in the form and click OK
    map network drive screen
  3. After clicking OK the M drive will open. At this point you are connected to MavDISK
  4. You will also see a disconnect button. If you close this window or click ok you will disconnect all drives from MavDISK
    drive has been mapped box

The following two screens show the objects in My Computer before clicking disconnect and after:

before network
after network


Frequently Asked Questions about connecting from the ACC

How do I make sure I am disconnected?

Open My_Computer and look for any drives connect to MavDISK or reboot the machine.

What about WebDAV

We recommend using the above methods for several reasons, with the most important being that during the semester, it is difficult to quickly roll out software updates, so if the new version does not work well with older clients, the ACC may not be able to push out a new client in a timely fashion.

Why can't I FTP to MavDISK from the ACC?

FTP was used for accessing FILES in previous years but because of the way FTP passes sensitive information over the network MavDISK will not have FTP.

Can I use fetch to upload to MavDISK from the Macintoshs in the ACC?

No. Fetch uses FTP to transfer files and since FTP is not installed Fetch will not work.