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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Group Folders

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Group folders behave much like your personal folder with some exceptions:

  • Folder quota is based on an active directory security group.
  • You do not map specifically to your group's folder; you map to the base of all group folders.
  • Notification is sent to all group members.
  • A quota size is recommended for 350 MB with a 50% overdraw, so that you will be notified early if you might need more space.
  • One or more individuals may have write access to the group folder.
  • Folder setup is based on department request.


Quota Limit Notification

Notification at 100% (Base department quota 350 MB)
Overdraft warning at 125% (350MB x 125% = 437 MB)
Overdraft folder locked at 150% (350MB x 150% = 525 MB)

Quota Size

Most departments will start with 350 MB. This number is not fixed and if the department needs immediately exceed this amount, other arrangements should be made. To inquire about additional server space contact any of the following:

Bryan Schneider, Director (507) 389 -5993
Mark Wildt, Systems Manager (507) 389-1368
Michael McLaughlin, Systems Manager  (507) 389-1124

Group Notification

Group notification involves notifying all members of the group that the quota is approaching the maximum allowed. Notifying one person does not necessarily involve the member who is actively exceeding quota limits when copying information to the server. With group notification, all members become aware that disk utilization is close to quota and to check how the space is being used.

MavDISK Quota Policy (Coming Soon)

Folder Specifics

Group Security

Access rights can be defined before or after the folder is set up and group members defined. Only users who have been given access will be able to view/change/write information stored in the group folder. Group access can be defined in any fashion to suit the needs of the group or department.

Folder Layout

Basic folder layout is defined by the department in question. Recommendations will be offered to help both us as managers and you the user.

Folder Naming

Applications rarely conform to friendly naming conventions so it is not expected that departments follow a naming scheme.

Connecting to the Group Folders

MavDISK "Group Folders" are available to on-campus users only to keep the environment secure. In the future, VPN access will allow you to use Group Folders remotely, as if you were on campus.

Connecting from a Windows NT/2000/XP workstion:

Map a Network Drive to \\\msu\ (see Connecting from On-Campus)
Double-click "Group Folders"
Double-click "Intercollegiate Athletics"
Double-click "Athletics Office"

Connecting from a Macintosh workstation:

OS 10.X Clients connect using Command+K or under Finder and the Go menu "Connect to Server" Also see Connecting with Mac OS 10.

Click on the Desktop
Click "Go"
Click "Connect to Server"
Type "smb:// folders"
Then navigate to the group folders you have access too.

OS 8.5 to 9.X Clients follow: (Note OS 8.5 to 9.x Clients will not be supported after this semester)

Open Chooser
Click "MSU Computer Services"
Click "MavDISK"
Login useing your Campus Login
Click "Faculty&Staff Group Folders" volume
Click "Root Folder Name"
Click "Your specific folder Name"

Additional Questions

For more information on group folders or if you have questions please contact or 507-389-1124 Monday - Friday.