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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Domain Registry Fix

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Note: This fix is for Windows 2000 and Windows XP users.
This script will create two registry keys in your operating system to automatically specify the domain as "Campus". DO NOT download this script from other pages or from a copy given to you. ONLY run the script from this web page. This is a official fix provided by MSU ITS staff. If you have questions or do not feel comfortable running this script on your own then contact the Help Desk staff on the third floor of the Memorial library.

  1. Click the following: regfix.vbs
  2. Click OPEN
    File Download screen
  3. After the script runs a confirmation box will pop display if the script was successful. It should display the domain and your computer name in the dialog box.
    Window Script Host screen
  4. You must reboot your workstation for the changes to take effect. If you are in the middle of something save your work and reboot when convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions (Registry Fix)

Why do I need to type Campus\myuserid?

Computers that are not members of the domain when authenticating for shared resources (File shares and printers) pass the local computer credentials to the server which cannot resolve the information because the computer/laptop did not pass the domain credentials. The server does not know who the person is on a local computer account to fix this the script above sets the local computer to pass the users credentials to the server as a domain user.

What will this fix?

This should fix the workstations to connect to College of Business printers and shared resources so long as the laptop/workstation username and password match with the users email username and password.

Does this fix the issue of typing the domain in connecting to WebDAV or shares on MavDISK?

Run the script, reboot your workstation and you will not need to type the domain information in the next time you connect to MavDISK or COBLT printers.