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Using Offline Files and Folders

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Instructions for Using Offline Files and Folders with MavDISK

To utilize offline files and folders perform the following steps:
NOTE: Offline files and folders are only available to users running Windows2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional editions.

  1. Map the network drive you wish to use with offline files and folders. The example used is \\MavDISK\userid$
    (Click here for Windows 2000/XP or here for Windows NT 4.0 connection methods)
  2. Double-click My Computer from the desktop.
    My computer icon
    my computer screen
  3. Right-click on the MavDISK network drive then click Make Available Offline (NOTE: If Make Available Offline is not listed, go to the bottom or click "Turning on Offline files and folders")
    right click screen
  4. The Confirm Offline Sub folders dialog box will appear. Click Yes that you wish to enable offline files availability.
    confirm offline subfolder
  5. Wait for the drive to synchronize files to your hard drive. The dialog box will display the progress.
    sychronizing screen
  6. When the synchronization finishes, the utility window will display files or folders that it is unable to synchronize locally. (NOTE: These following types are standard files NOT synchronized by Offline Files and Folders: *.slm; *.mdb; *.ldb; *.mdw; *.mde; *.pst; *.db)
    sychronization complete screen
  7. To verify that you have successfully synchronized the network drive, look for two blue arrows circling each other on the drive mapping icon from the My_Computer window. The drive now has Offline Files and Folders Enabled.
    two blue arrow icon

NOTE: Offline Files and Folders is finished. The following instructions turn on Offline Files and Folders functionality.

Turning on Offline Files and Folders:

If the option to turn on offline files and folders is not available, the following instructions will show you how to enable offline files and folders.

  1. From the My_computer window left-click Tools -> Folder Options
    tool menu
  2. Click the tab Offline Files. Click the Enable Offline Files checkbox then click OK..
    folder options

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Frequently Asked Questions about Offline Files and Folders

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