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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

MavPRINT Mac Printing

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Printing to the MavPRINT server using an Apple Macintosh with OS 10x.

This is a two step process:

Step 1: Create a profile mimicking your MavMAIL account.

You must be a local administrator of your Macintosh to do the following)

  1. Under the Apple in the upper left-hand corner go to "System Preferences".
    Click the Accounts icon
    System Preferences
  2. The account screen will show the account you currently are logged in as
    Loged on
  3. Click on the plus under the left column to create a new account
    Create new account
  4. A blank form will appear on the right hand side showing fields to be filled. Make sure when entering your information to put your MavMAIL/PRINT user id in the Name and Short name fields
    Enter Information
  5. After entering the information click on the security tab above
    Security Tab
  6. The security screen will come up, make sure the account you just entered is selected in the left Column
    Security Screen
  7. Click the check box to make the account a local administrator
    Allow Local Admin

Step 2: Log in as that user and connect to the printer.

  1. Click the apple and go to Log Out as "your name here"
  2. Click on the new profile (the one the same as your username) and log in.
  3. Go to System Preferences under the Apple in the upper left-hand corner.
  4. Go to the Printer & Fax control panel
    print and fax
  5. Click on the Set up Printers button
    Set up Button
  6. Click on the Add printer icon
    Add Printer
  7. Click the top menu and select IP Printing in the drop-down and make sure the Printer Type is "LPD/LPR"
    Printer type
  8. Printer Address = "" Queue Name = "MavPRINTBW"
    Printer Address
  9. Printer model should be "HP" and select "HP Laserjet 8150 series" from the model menu
    Model HP
  10. Click Add and the printer will show up in the printer list
    Add Printer

How to Print

When printing to the MavPRINT system always be logged in as the profile set up with your MavMAIL user id.

To move files between profiles save the document in that local profile's "Public" folder. The public folder is viewable by all other profiles on the machine.

Once you have sent a print job to the printer go to the print release workstation and release your job to the printer.

To set up the other printers follow the same process of adding the printer but the queue names and models are:

MavPRINTColor—HP Color Laserjet 5500
MavPRINTCobBW—HP LaserJet 9000