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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

SpectrumU TV App

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FREE Spectrum TV 

3 Ways to Watch FREE TV and Movies - Live TV - Sports, Movies - On-Demand Programs and Movies!!!

1) TV in your room (Live TV only)   Channel Guide [PDF] Channel Guide Landscape (504 KiB)

2) Laptop using a web browser Watch Now

3) SpectrumU App on Android and IOS (phones, laptops, Kindles, SmartTVs, etc.

Programs and Movies, on your phone or tablet and now your laptop   

Students, faculty and staff can watch LIVE Charter Spectrum HDTV channels on their Android, IOS, Kindle devices and even laptops through a web browser while connected to the campus WiFi, or Resident Hall WiFi network.

Watch previous episodes of TV shows on demand.

Watch dozens of movies and special television events on demand without the need for Netflix.

NEW - Watch HBO and Showtime LIVE as well as previous programs and movies.

SpectrumU also features live sport scores (Sport Zone), a TV program guide, and reminders for upcoming LIVE TV shows.

Watch LIVE TV anywhere on campus including campus resident halls and Stadium Heights.

NEW - 105 new channels are now available! 176 total channels! Download Channel Lineup

NEW - SpectrumU is NOW available through a browser so you can watch live TV on your laptop.   (NOTE: browser requires Flash)

See instructions below to install and use SpectrumU.

SpectrumU graphic


  • Android-based smart phone or tablet, Applie iPhone, iPad or iPod, Kindle Fire

(Note: Windows or Mac OS X browser-based SpectrumU coming 1st of of 2017)

  • Device physically located on the MSU campus or Stadium Heights.
  • WiFi connection to Reslife-secure, Reslife-unsecure, eduroam, MavNet-Encrypted, MavNet REQUIRED to use SpectrumU

(Note: SpectrumU will NOT work on other WiFi networks or cellular data networks) (viewer MUST be on MSU campus and connected to the campus WiFi network)
(No SpectrumU authentication is required, but an active StarID is required to connect to a campus WiFi network)

Installing SpectrumU

  • Android
    • Search for "Charter SpectrumU" in the Play Store and look for this icon:SpectrumU Icon
    • Agree to the terms. (Note: permission for the app to  make and manage phone calls is neccesary for the app to handle incoming calls while watching SpectrumU)
  • Apple IOS
    • Search for "Charter SpectrumU" in the App Store and look for the icon above
    • Agree to the terms while installing the SpectrumU app.
  • Kindle
    • Download the SpectrumU Kindle app from Amazon.

Watching LIVE TV

  1. Turn on WiFi and connect to Reslife-secure, MavNet, or MavNet-Encrypted.
  2. Start the SpectrumU app and select a channel.

(Note: You will be prompted by SpectrumU to connect to WiFi if WiFi is not connected or not connected to an MSU WiFi network)

(Note: students, faculty and staff will need an active StarID to connect to campus WiFi wireless networks)


[PDF] Additional troubleshooting (1 MiB)     SpectrumU Issue Escallation

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - I keep getting prompted to connect to a wireless network by the app, but it doesn't show LIVE TV or the guide.
A1 - The phone or tablet needs to be connected to an MSU campus wireless network in order for SpectrumU to show programs. Reslife-secure, MavNet-Encrypted or MavNet on campus, in Resident Halls and Stadium Heights will work with SpectrumU. Any other WiFi network will not work with SpectrumU.

once connected to MavNet with your mobile device, you must first open a browser and login to MavNet with a valid StarID EACH TIME. MavNet-encrypted will automatically login each time the device is connected.) To test network connectivity on a campus WiFi network, open a browser on the device and try connecting to web sites.

Q2 - Are on-demand shows available to watch?
A2 - Today, SpectrumU features Live TV. On-demand programs will be added in spring of 2017.

Q3 - Can I use SpectrumU on my laptop or a campus computer to watch LIVE TV?
A3 - Yes!  NOTE: requires Flash in the browser

Q4 - Why are some channels missing from SpectrumU?
A4 - Channels included in SpectrumU depend on agreements with the networks. More channels will be added throughout the school year. Keep checking back!

Q5 - Where can I go for help with SpectrumU?
A5 - IT Solutions will help with connections to campus WiFi networks. For support with the SpectrumU app, contact Res Tech Services for students living on campus or Stadium Heights, or the IT Solution Center in the lower level of Wissink Hall.

Q6 - What else can I do with the SpectrumU app?
A6 - Favorites - Set channels as favorites and filter to show your favorite channels.
     - Filters - Show only Local Channels, Family & Education shows, Movies, Music or Sports channels.
     - Closed Captioning - Turn on closed captioning (if available) on the program being viewed.
     - Guide - Set reminders to be notified right before your progam will begin.
                  - Check future episodes and set reminders.
                  - Skip forward to a specific day to show what's scheduled to air.
     - Sport Zone - Check future sporting events, current scores, and final scores.

Q7 - What happens if I'm watching SpectrumU and a call comes in?
A7 - The Live TV sound is muted and the call can be answered. When the call is finished, Live TV resumes.

Q8 - Can I pause LIVE TV?
A8 - No. Live streaming only.

Q9 - I don't see programs show up after swapping SpectrumU to the background and then return.
A9 - Fully shutdown SpectrumU and restart the app to refresh the program list.

Q10 - How do I turn on Closed Captioning?
A10 - If closed captioning is available for the program being shown, touch the TV viewer screen and touch to toggle the CC in the upper right or lower left side of the screen so the CC is highlighted. Stop closed captioning the same way.

Q11 - I only see some scores in Sport Zone.
A11 - only games in cluded in the University's lineup that are also availaibel for in-home streaming will appear in Sport Zone.

Q12 - How can it toggle spoilers for in-progress games in Sport Zone?
A12 - Scores can be supressed for in-progress games. This feature is coming to Android soon.

Q13 - How can i set reminders for future shows?
A13 - From the Live TV, top on "More Info" below the Mini Live Player. From the Guide, tap on a future show's cell (in black text).
- Tap the Play icon.
- Tap "Other Times"
- Tap future episode
- Set a reminder

not all programs will have all details listed above. Movies and on-time programs may not have above details or images. Actor biography modal is not available for Android at this time.

Q14 - What channels are available?
A14 - 176 channels are now available for FREE. Download Channel Lineup