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2005-07-08 – PHP updated

PHP has been upgraded from version 4 to version 5. There have been many changes (especially to the internal object model.) Please investigate the changes at the

2005-07-07 – Krypton's package distribution system updated to Debian GNU/Linux (Sarge)

Krypton has been updated from the previous version, Woody, to Sarge. All of the programs and utilities you have become used to are still on the system, but you'll find, in many cases, you have a new version of that program. Please check with the man page for updates usage instructions.

2004-05-07 – Old domain name ""

The domain name of "" has being discontinued. If you have web pages on your Krypton account that still have references to "", you will need to replace them with ""; they are failing at this time until you fix them.