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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Text Formatting

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Heading format screen shotHeadings

Select the text you would like be a heading and pick a heading from the dropdown box. You can use Heading 2 - Heading 6. At this time Heading 1 is not available.

regular text screen shotOther Text Formating

We recommend just using the "Normal" format.

If you use "Normal(DIV)" format this will put your text in a <div> tag instead of a paragraph <p> tag.

If you use the "Formatted" format this will put your text in a <pre> tag. This keeps any spaces or line breaks and fixed pitch font.

The "Address" format is to be used if you have an address on your page. Type in the address and select the text and click "Address" from the Format dropdown box.