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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Insert/Editing a link

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Insert/Edit Link screen shotThe "Insert/Edit Link tool has four tabs. Do not use the "Upload" tab. If you would like to upload a file to link to follow the instructions under "link to an uploaded file".

Link to a URL

  1. To start, type in the word or words you would like to create a link to and select them.
  2. Next press the tool. A screen will pop up.
  3. To link a URL make sure the Link Type dropdown box says "URL" and paste in the URL you would like to link to.
    Insert/Edit Link URL screen shot

Link to an Email

You can also link words from the Smartbuilder Editor to an email address.

  1. To start, type in the word or words you would like to create a link to and select them.
  2. Next press the tool. A screen will pop up.
  3. To link to an email select "E-Mail" from the Link Type dropdown box. You can then enter an email address, message subject, and message body that you would like to be in every email that gets sent from clicking that link.
    Insert/Edit Link Email screen shot

Link to an uploaded file

  1. On the Smartbuilder Editor page, select (highlight) the text where you'd like the hyperlink to your new file to appear in your page's content.
  2. Click the Insert/Edit Link icon editlink icon in the toolbar; the Link window will open.
  3. Click the “Browse Server” button that follows the URL text box; a new directory window will open showing you the files in the web server directory this page is located.
    browse screen shot
  4. Special note: You may want to navigate to another directory on your website to place the file you want to upload. For example, your website may have a directory called attachments or PDF. If that's the right place for the upload, navigate to that directory until you can see its contents.
  5. Click the “Browse…” button at the bottom; a File Upload window for your browser will open showing the last folder you uploaded from on your computer.
    browse screen shot
  6. Navigate to the document you want to upload (The filename must not have any spaces in it or the # character. We recommend using only lowercase letters and only using the - (dash) or _ (underscore) to separate words. If the image still isn't uploading try clearing your cache. Next close all browser windows and then open the page back up and try again.) ; select it and click the “Open” button at the bottom of the File Upload window. The window will close.
  7. The location of your file is now filled in the “Upload a new file in this folder” text box; click the “Upload” button at the far bottom right. The file name of your document will appear in the directory list.
  8. Click the file name (blue hyperlink) of your document in the list. This directory window will close and you will be returned to the Link window with the URL of the document you’ve selected in the URL text box.
  9. Click "OK"; the Link window will close and return you to the Smartbuilder Editor page and display the hyperlinked text in the text box.
  10. Finish other editing tasks and click "Preview" or "Save" to view your work.