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Background and development

Minnesota State Mankato's web template was developed by web developer Aleksey Lazar, webmaster Jeff Hundstad, and student developer Walter Byers from the fall of 2004 through spring of 2005.

The implementation of the template began in January 2005, and was officially adopted as the format for all University websites in April 2005 by President Richard Davenport, and reflects the web version of Minnesota State Mankato's brand, which is managed by the Office of Integrated Marketing.

Site and page maintenance

Departments and offices that use the official web template have a number of powerful features available to help them maintain the content on their sites. The full feature set is called Smartbuilder, and includes separate page maintenance features and site management controls.

Developer resources

This website is being expanded to provide campus developers with the information and tools necessary to build websites using this new template. The links here show examples of the different template options, and provide some documentation.

Gaining server access to devweb2

As noted above, template-based websites must be developed on the appropriate development servers equipped with template enablers. When you are ready to begin the development of your site in the new format, please contact Ted Johnson for more information.