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The anchor is where you want a link to go to in the page. An example of using this anchor tool would be if you had links at the top of a page that link to an anchor further down in the page.

  1. To insert an anchor place your cursor where you would like the anchor to be and press the tool. A screen will pop up and this is where you enter in the anchor name.
    insert/edit anchor screen shot
  2. Then press OK. After pressing OK it should return you to the Smartbuilder Editor page and you should see an image of an anchor.
    insert/edit anchor screen shot
  3. The next step is to create a link to that anchor. Select the text you would like to link to the anchor and press the "Insert/Edit Link" tool.
  4. Next select "Link to anchor in the text" from the Link Type dropdown box. If your page has an anchor then another dropdown box should be displayed. Select the anchor you would like to link to from the "Select an Anchor By Anchor Name" dropdown box and select OK.
    insert/edit anchor screen shot
  5. To test the link and anchor press the Preview button.