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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Navigation Guidelines

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Pages linked to the home page of University departments, offices, and colleges should have the following characteristics:

  • Be comprised of HTML code to enable web functionality (not text files)
  • Have navigation features to reach essential pages

Effective navigation systems make a clear distinction between the University home page link and the department, office, or college home page link. Because users may access any page without navigating through a home page (for example, via a search results page), both the University home page and the department, office, or college home page links should be on all pages one level down from the department home page, and preferably on all pages of the site. View the official web template site to see navigation examples.


Link titles

HTML 4.0 and later standards provide for a short explanation that pops up when the cursor hovers over a standard hypertext link. This feature will help inform users of the content of the page the link will open before it's selected, avoiding wasted time for wrong choices. The HTML code for making an anchor with a link title is <a href="/pageURL/" title="Your descriptive text">. See link below for example. (If your browser doesn't show the link title, it isn't compatible with this standard.)