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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
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betaStyle option: t4p-tier3

The t4p-tier3 is a University web template style option intended for use on college, department and office home pages. Usage of this style option is elective.

By default, a page using t4p-tier3 consists of nine floated <div> blocks, which are placed within the content area of the page. The content area uses a customized version of the regular template page: margins are narrower and there is no <h1> at the top. Presentation of the blocks is controlled by an additional local CSS file.

This style option requires custom coding and design work. Knowledge of XHTML, CSS, familiarity with the University website template platform and knowledge of graphical file formats and tools are required to implement this style option.

If you would like to use t4p-tier3 for your website's home page, please consult with website development services staff.

Modular layout: 9 ± a few

The style option allows for a high degree of flexibility with the presentation layer, making it possible to customize the layout for various types of content. For example, section 3 could be split into two; sections 6 and 7 or 7 and 9 could be combined into one, etc.

Style requirements

Except as previously mentioned, the style option inherits all the default template styles for content. The only modifications that can be allowed are changing line height, increasing paragraph text size and adjusting text element margins.


In-browser page editing (PageEdit) is not available with this style option. This means that the content, unless it's an RSS feed, has to be edited manually. You may want to consider the impact on page maintenance cost, both in terms of resources and funds.

Content requirements

The t4p-tier3 style option page does not include an <h1> tag automatically. The tag has to be inserted manually. It should be used for the main title of the page.

Usability and accessibility requirements for t4p-tier3 style option are the same as for regular campus web pages.


Save [ZIP] t4p-tier3-sample (12 KiB) into the root of your website on development.


Unzip the two files: index.html and local.css.


Implement your design using XHTML, CSS.