Video Embedding

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YouTube videos

To embed any YouTube video into your Minnesota State Mankato official template website, you will need to use the Page edit feature in the footer of the page you want to insert the video.

  1. View the YouTube video from its display page.
  2. Under the video display pane, click the Share option.
  3. Select the Embed option in the line below; when that opens up, select and copy the embed code in the text box.
  4. Navigate to your MNSU.EDU web page that you want to embed this video.
  5. Click the "Page" link in the bottom right of the page.
  6. Log in with your StarID.
  7. Identify the location within the page where you want to display the video; then click the "Source" button in the PageEdit toolbar.
  8. You will now be in HTML code view. Find the subheadline or other text where you want to insert the video; locate the end of one tag and the beginning of another and place your cursor.
  9. Paste the code from the YouTube page that you previously copied.
  10. Save your page and test.

Embed MavTUBE videos

This works much the same as with YouTube above.

  1. Go to the MavTUBE video you want to display, and then
  2. Click the share option. You'll notice several different options: Email/IM, "copy code to your website or blog" (which is embed), and social media icons.
  3. When you click the 'Copy to clipboard' next to the embed option, you will be done with step three above.
  4. Go ahead and follow theYouTube steps 4-10 above to get your video embedded on your page.
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One note: you will see if you keep the default code from MavTUBE that the video displays larger than the content area in your website. We modified the code to resize the video window at this point in the code:

<object width="560" height="315" ...

Simply replace the width and height that you pasted in with the 560 and 315 instead. This is optional; you may leave the larger dimensions if you wish.