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  • [WMA] Story of Ed Goor (6 MiB)In Old Main Village, Goor shares his story of trying to love someone who couldn't remember him
  • [WMA] Sarah's Story of Working as a Telemarketer (5 MiB)Sarah talks about the worst job she ever had
  • [WMA] Ryan Hanson's Story (6 MiB)Ryan Hansen was a Minnesota State Mankato student, skateboard shop owner and mayoral candidate for the city of Mankato, Minnesota
  • [WMA] The Night Hike (10 MiB)MSU student Tyanne Gardener tells a story of a plot to scare campers at the summer camp that goes horribly wrong
  • [WMA] The Tornado (6 MiB)In early August, a category F3 tornado ripped through a family farm in St. James