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The 2016 Fall Pledge Drive is here!

The 2016 Fall Pledge Drive runs Wednesday, October 26th through Friday, November 4th! 

The goal is $30,000 this go-around. We can do it Radio Heroes! 

The kids over at Shuffle Function have way more information on the available swag. 


$25 - Finders Keepers 14: Batsongs CD


Mr. Specific strikes again with a colossal collection of Bat-strumentals that flew straight from the cave! This collection needs a good home, and you look just intelligent and attractive enough to provide that home.


$25 - KMSU yellow mug


Over-sized, bright, and a welcome addition to any kitchen table or desktop, the KMSU mug is back once again. The yellow screams, "GOOD MORNING!" and its contents will scream whatever the heck your drink screams. Maybe your previous mug was chipped or broken and you are hoping to replace it? Now is your chance - get one (or two, or three or more) while you can!


$50 - The KMSU baseball cap


Sure, a t-shirt is nice, but sometimes you want to draw attention AWAY from your torso. That's where these super cool caps come in. The KMSU cap can crown your dome at the $50 level. Make people stare at the top of the very head that was smart enough to pledge to KMSU.


$50 - Johnnie Frierson Have You Been Good to Yourself  - vinyl


If you listen to Jameson on the Variety Pack (Thursdays at 3:00pm) you know that he digs deep and finds the amazing tracks that have been waiting to be discovered.        

In 2012 he discovered an album so good and so rare that Light In The Attic Records decided they needed to reissue it. Jameson found THE ONLY COPY of Johnnie Frierson's Have You Been Good To Yourself cassette in a thrift store in Memphis and immediately knew he had something. The intimate recordings caputre Frierson (former Stax session man and brother of Hi Records artist Wendy Rene) alone with his guitar singing songs that dwell on his personal faith and struggles. They capture the voice of a man that has experienced a profound spiritual awakening who is also dealing with the impact of his experiences in Vietnam. Regardless of your background with religion, it's impossible to not be moved by what Frierson shared with the world.                                                                                                                                             

Light In The Attic only issued 1000 copies of Have You Been Good To Yourself on vinyl, and Jameson has 12 copies that he's made available to KMSU for the pledge drive. The volunteer hosts at the station have fallen with this record, and you will too.


$60 Live at the World Café Volume #40 CD


1. Anderson East “Satisfy Me”
2. The Arcs “Stay In My Corner”
3. Boxed In “All Your Love Is Gone”
4. David Wax Museum “Guesthouse”
5. Gary Clark Jr. “Hold On”
6. JJ Grey & Mofro “Every Minute”
7. JD McPherson “Head Over Heels”
8. Josh Ritter “Getting Ready To Get Down”
9. Lucero “Can’t You Hear Them Howl”
10. Mac DeMarco “No Other Heart”
11. Meg Mac “Roll Up Your Sleeves”
12. Mumford & Sons “The Wolf”
13. My Morning Jacket “Compound Fracture”
14. Patty Griffin “There Isn’t One Way”
15. Rayland Baxter “Yellow Eyes”

16. The Suffers “Make Some Room”




$100 - Howlin' Wolf: The Complete RPM & Chess Singles - A's & B's 1951-1962


In the history of the blues, there has never been anyone quite like Howlin' Wolf. Six foot three and close to 300 pounds in his salad days, the Wolf was the primal force of th music spun out to its ultimate conclusion. He was primal, ferocious blue belter with at roster of classics rivaling anyone else, and a sandpaper growl of a voice that has been widely imitated. No one could match him for the singular ability to rock the house down to the foundation while simultaneously scaring its patrons out of its wits.                                                                                                   

THE COMPLETE RPM & CHESS SINGLES collection compiles 80 essentional Howlin' Wolf A & B sides from the first 11 years of Wolf's career. These songs represent some the most important and influential recordings of Blues history, and they can become an important part of your music collection when you pledge at the $100 level during the KMSU Fall 2016 Pledge Drive.  

This is essential stuff right here. Don't deny yourself this genius.


$100 - Jerry Garcia Band: Garcia Live Volume Seven



This is the latest in the popular "Garcia Live" series. Volume Seven captures Jerry and company at Sophie's in Palo Alto, California. This previously uncirculated recording was recently discovered by Jerry Garcia Banc vocalist Donna Jean Godchaux. The band played over 70 shows during 1976, and by the time they performed this show they were extremely tight. Volume Seven presents the entire performance that November night at Sophie's.              

Fans of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead will want to add this incredible recording to their collection and they can do that by pledging $100 to KMSU during the Fall 2016 Pledge Drive!    


$100 - The Beatifics: How I Learned To Stop Worrying 20th anniversary reissue, with exclusive companion 10" EP


 The Beatifics' 1996 debut album How I Learned To Stop Worrying was received with reviews verging on rapturous, but brisk sales were hampered by problematic distribution, leaving the band on tour with no product to sell. It wouldn't be long before the line-up began to splinter, and it would be six years before the band released a follow-up album. Eventually How I Learned To Stop Worrying went out of print, and it has been unavailable for years.

In January 2015, Shyboy Tim from Shuffle Function decided to contact Chris Dorn from the Beatifics to see if he would be interested in doing the first ever vinyl issue of the album to mark the 20th anniversary of its release. Dorn was thrilled by the idea, and the two of them have been working for nearly two years to put together this package. Finally, Shyboy Tims' favorite album of all time is back in print, and a new generation of Power Pop fans can discover the album noted music critic John Borack calls, "a damn near flawless disc of pop delights.... and an album that has more than stood the test of time."

The 20th anniversary edition of How I Learned To Stop Worrying features tweaks done for vinyl by band leader Chris Dorn, as well as new liner notes by Dorn and John Borack, and a download featuring the album with demos, alternate takes and live versions. Exclusive to this pledge drive is a vinyl companion 10" EP with the only live recordings of the original band line-up. The EP features a cover of Paul McCartney & Wings' Junior's Farm that is only on the vinyl version, which will not be sold in stores.


$100 - Program Director for the Day on Shuffle Function


Have you ever wanted to play radio? Here's your chance! Join Shyboy Tim and Shelley on the Shuffle Function morning radio show and dictate the playlist for the day. You choose the songs from your own collectoin and you get to hang out with us on the air for two hours as well. You will also receive a KMSU hat, a Finders Keepers 14 CD and a CD copy of your show to play over and over and over again for your friends who couldn't wake up early.

We enjoy offering this premium so much becaus it allows us the opportunity to meet our listeners and get a chance to find out shat music they are into. It is also the biggest bang for your buck in Shuffle Function-land!

Seriously, this is a lot of fun, and we only offer a limited number of these, so don't miss out! Join us on the show!


$100 - KMSU Day Sponsor 

Maybe you are shy and don't want to personally be on the air, or maybe you like us to mark a special birthday, anniversary or artist - then this is the premium for you. Tell us what you would like us to play and add in a personal message and we will design the day for you on the air. It is a chance for you to get very creative while at the same time supporting KMSU and community ration. If you have some ideas for a day sponsorship, but would like to run them by us first, please don't hesitate to contact us at


$200 - KMSU Record Expedition


For the third year in a row, KMSU will be embarking on an expedition to some to the best record stores in the Twin Cities, and we want you to join us! An army of KMSU DJ's and listeners will be hoppin on a bus and scouring some legendary record stores for the stuff that vinyl dreams are made of. Want lists will be checked off, and collecting itches will be scratched.

The week after the Record Expedtion we'll all get the opportunity to justify our hardcore record binging by taking over the airwaves of KMSU and playing all the amazing new finds on the radio! YOU GET TO PLAY RADIO ON YOUR FAVORITE RADIO STATION! BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! You'll also get one the super sweet KMSU hats to make all of your friend jealous.

The KMSU Record Expedition is a blast, and we hope you'll join us! Pledge $200 to KMSU and hop on the bus to vinyl nirvana.


Why should I give to KMSU?

A tax-deductible donation* to KMSU radio provides your community with a voice that would not otherwise exist. This voice is an alternative perspective on local, state and national issues. It's music you can't hear elsewhere. It's vital health and welfare information delivered to the Latino community. It's the opportunity for a university student to have a meaningful experience in a dynamic media environment. It's the vibrant voices of 50 community volunteers sharing their passion for meaningful programming.

* Please consult your tax advisor regarding tax-deductibility.

Doesn't the University support KMSU Radio?

Yes it does, but the University rightfully expects KMSU to derive support from its listener-members. We hope you feel that KMSU is worthy of your support.

What has the station done to improve listener support?

There are a number of technical improvements we've made to the station, but the most significant improvement has been the addition of a number of new community volunteer program hosts. The richness and variety of programming has never been this rewarding for listeners. We will continue to develop new programming opportunities to give listeners more to choose from. 

If I own or manage a business, can I advertise on KMSU?

Advertising is prohibited on any public radio station. However, if you wish to make a tax-deductible contribution to KMSU, we can air what are called "underwriting credits" on your behalf. These announcements identify your business, the products or services you provide, your location, and reference items like your phone number or web site address to allow listeners to obtain more details. While these announcements don't build traffic like commercial radio, they do create an affinity with our listeners.Contact Jim Gullickson, Station Manager, for more information (507) 389-5678, or (800) 456-7810. Or e-mail.

Can I make a charitable bequest to KMSU?

Absolutely. There are several ways to make a charitable bequest to KMSU through your will or trust. To make sure all legal requirements are met, it is important that you have an attorney draft or revise your will or trust. Charitable bequests are fully deductible in your estate since the IRS recognizes KMSU as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. If you would like to name KMSU in your will, please consult with your attorney, and contact Jim Gullickson, Station Manager, at (507) 389-5678, or 1-800-456-7810.

How can I donate right now?

Yes! Just click here, or call us at (507) 389-5678, or on our toll-free number: (800) 456-7810. Or simply contact me, Jim Gullickson, by e-mail and I will help you to fulfill your gift.

Thank you!