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Happy New Year & Welcome to the new Millenium of World Music

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records
We began with music from Norwegian musician, Øystein Sevåg.
* My World Beat intro theme song since it's release in 1995

Andy M. Stewart
Donegal Rain

Ramblin' Irishman
Green Linnet

Oyster Band
Here I Stand

This is the Voice
I Know its Mine
A Last Glass
Omnium Records
Oyster Band Website

Áine Minogue
A Celtic Holiday Celebration

Horn Dance
The Olde Year Now Away Has Fled (Greensleeves)
Evergreen Music
Catalog 1-800-705-9542 or E-mail Evergreen6@aol.com

Sorten Muld
Mark II
The Man and the Elf-girl
As Stars Up High
Denmark's Sorten Muld blend traditional Nordic ballads, some of them hundreds of years old in a fusion of ancient and modern sound architecture with Ulla Bendixen's vocals whispering and soaring at the center of the mix.

Mark II went gold in Denmark and won two Danish Grammies.

Check out the Sorten Muld website (very cool indeed)

Bukkene Bruse (boo' ken-eh brew'sah)
fiddler Annbjorg Lien on Hardaanger Fiddle
The Stone Chair
Folketone fra Sunnmøre
The official musicians of the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer Norway
a mix of ancient and modern instruments including the nychelharpa and Hardanger fiddle

M Nyakänen
The Grontman
Sweden's premier acoustic quartet who's sound includes the viola, fiddle, Swedish bouzouki and Olav Johansson plays the Nychelharpa, a keyed fiddle unique to Sweden that has been played for 600 years.
See Nychelharpa.org for more information

Morasystern -"The Mora Sister" (trad. polska)

Kepa Junkera
Bilbao 00:00h
Del Hierro a Madagascar
Fasio & Lurra-terra
Santimamineko Fandangoa
Alula Records
Basque accordianist Kepa Junkera collaborates with an all-star cast of international musicians to create a contemporary vision of Basque music. This is the first Basque music that I've ever heard and indeed I expect that the title "Bilbao 00:00h" reflects the zero hour, the coming-out, as it were, of Basque music into the world music community. Kepa Junkera and Bilbao are a propitious combination.
World Beat - Pick of the Month

Nicolas Carter Galland & Son Del Sur
Ecos Del Alma
(Echoes of the Soul)
El Condor Pasa "The Flight of the Condor" ( Peru )
Los Diamantes "The Diamonds" ( Venezuela )
El Tilingo Lingo ( Mexico )
Trico Productions
Nicolas Carter Galland (612) 537-3765

Nicolas plays the Paraguyan Harp, the favorite and most respected of all Latin American harps for it's vibrant sound and versatility.

Carribean Party
- Pump Me Up (Barbados) - Edwin Yearwood
Ralph Thamar - Dokte (Martinique) - Zouk
Putumayo Artists

"Put on your dancing shoes ause here comes Cubas most popular dance band, Los Van Van"

Los Van Van
Llego...Van Van
(Van Van is Here)
Mi Chocolate
Havana Caliente Music
Founded in 1969, Los Van Van celebrates their 30 year anniversary by releasing Llego...Van Van, (Van Van is Here) their first production intended for the American audience
Caliente Music

Monica Salmaso
Canto Dos Escravos
Blue Jackel Entertainment
New music from Brazil by female vocalist Monica Salmaso

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan
title track
Triloka Worldly Music
Master of the sarod in a ground-breaking east-west fusion.

Robert Tree Cody with Rob Wallace & Tony Redhouse
title track
Putumayo World Music
Bird Song features the voice of Marlene Cody
music of the Native American flute
Yu Hong-Mei
String Glamour
Dancing Music of Amis Tribe
Wind Records
The two string Chinese violin known as the Er-Hu

Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited
Chimurenga 98
Live at El Rey

David Kirton

RAS Records
( Barbados ) recorded at Graphton Studios, Jamaica
David Kirton's Website

Stay tuned for Afropop World Wide hosted by George Collinet

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