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Good evening and Welcome to The World Beat
I'm Mark Thomas & I'll be your host for the next two hours.

We'll be hearing an eclectic blend of music beginning with music from Ireland and Scotland, England, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Basque region of Spain, Native American , Navaho and Hopi, Tibet, Australina Digeridoo, and an Afrian Fusion featuring Malian Kora master, Toumani Diabate along with one of my all time favorite musicians, Taj Majal.

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records
We began with music from Norwegian musician, Øystein Sevåg.
* My World Beat intro theme song since it's release in 1995

Déanta (Ireland)
Whisper of a Secret
Two Days to Go
Willie and Mary
Green Linnet
With the lovely vocals of Mary Dillon

Riptide (reels)
Green Linnet
Anam website
Hazy Day

Strange Love
Putumayo Artists
Equations music bridges the gap between English folk and pop; in the tradition of Fairport Convention and Pentangle.
vocals by: Kathryn Roberts

William Coulter
Celtic Requiem

Dol na mBan san Ár
Windham Hill Records

Niamh Parsons & the Loose Connections
Loosen Up
Clohinne Winds
Green Linnet
Niamh Parsons' Website

Annbjørg Lien
Baba Yaga
Old Larry
Norwegian Hardanger fiddle virtuoso, Annbjørg Lien weaves a modern tapestry from ancient sounds and Nordic myth. Annbjørg Lien says that "Behind every traditional hardanger fiddle tune there is a story, always a fairy tale, and you actually tell the stories when you play the fiddle."
Annbjørg Lien's Website

Wimme Saari
Biegganjunni (Whirlwind)
Gierran (Enchantment)
North Side
Finnish Sammi singer songwriter, Wimme Saari, expands on his ancient vocal technique, known as "yoik" with electronic accompaniment

Hoven Droven
More Happy Moments with Hoven Droven

Hoven Droven Website
Sweden's Bad boys of folk/rock

Kepa Junkera
Bilbao 00:00h
Maitia nun zira?
Alula Records
Basque accordianist Kepa Junkera collaborates with an all-star cast of international musicians to create a contemporary vision of Basque music.A world music best-seller in Europe. Kepa Junkera plays the Basque accordian called the trikitixa.

Willy & Lobo
Wild Heart
Havana Breeze
Egyptian Oddessey


O Mundo
Tinder Records
( Brazil )
Gypsy Kings
Recuerdo Apassionado
La Fiesta Comenza
Gerardo Nuñez
Trafalgar (buleria)
Contemporary flamenco guitarist and composer

Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook
Black Rock
To the River
Djivan Gasparyan is the foremost living master of the apricot wood, Armenian duduk. As a professor at Yerevan Conservatory he has educated a whole generation of duduk players and brought the instrument out of obscurity and into the international music scene.

Yungchen Lhamo
Coming Home
Happiness Is...
Yungchen Lhamo, escaped Tibet, by foot, over the Himalayas. On Coming Home she sings her song of freedom and dedicated to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

David Hudson
Digeridoo Spirit
Rainforest Wonder
Indigenous Australia
fax 61.2.9555.7070
An Honorary Australian Tourism Ambassador

Robert Mirabal
Medicine Man
Warner Western
The Alter-Native Album From Robert Mirabal of the Taos Pueblo New Mexico.
Sharon Burch
Colors of My Heart

All is Beautiful
Canyon Records
Singing in both English and Navaho, Sharon Burch captures the beauty of traditional Navaho ways and living. Her music expresses the simpliity and innocence of childhood and the importance of the relationship of mother and child in the traditions of the Diné

Taj Majal & Toumani Diabate
Queen Bee
Taj Majal's Website
Kulanjan explores the common ground between the blues and the great musical traditions of Western Mali. Kulanjan brings these two great traditions full-circle in the fusion music two well-known proponents on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Taj Majal and Malian Kora master Toumani Diabate.
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Stay tuned for Afropop World Wide hosted by George Collinet

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Playlist from Live Broadcast 04 March 2000
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
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